Viewing Email History

This article shows how you can view and analyze your email history.

Viewing Email History

  1. Log into your Teachable admin area.
  2. Select Emails from the admin sidebar.
  3. Go to the History tab.

email history

Here, you’ll see all the emails you’ve sent to users in the past.

Understanding Email History

Inside your email history, you can sort sent messages based on type. You can also filter results for a specific recipient by using their name or email address.

Results will display in a table. You will see the following information:

email history table

  • Date: date and time the email was sent
  • Recipient: email address of user
  • Subject: email subject line
  • Type: type of email that was sent out

This is helpful for your own records as a school owner. You can easily see which students received what email messages, and when. This can help you avoid sending duplicate information to the same student, etc.


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