Input Custom Text

This article shows you how to change the default text on buttons, navigation links, messages, and more. You may want to use custom text to personalize your site or translate your site to another language.

Accessing the Custom Text Area

To locate the custom text area on your school, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your Teachable school.
  2. Choose Site from the admin sidebar.
  3. Select Custom Text
  4. Identify the text you want to change (e. g. Watch Promo), then input your desired text in the Current field. change text
  5. Click Save.

Custom Text Modification Options

In this section, we’ll cover the different areas of your school where you can customize text.

  • Header: Text here appears at the top of your school and/or course pages, encompassing options such as login/logout buttons and admin access.
  • Footer: Text here appears at the bottom of your school and/or course pages. © = the copyright symbol.
  • Checkout: Here, you can customize the text that appears to students in the checkout area. It covers payment information, account creation, coupon application, common errors, and more.
  • Courses: Customize how course pages appear and behave, from preenrollment messages to CTAs.
  • Lectures: Adjust the text students encounter as they view your lectures. This includes fields like the lecture completion button, drip content availability, and prompts to sign up or log in to view content.
  • Comments: Control students’ experience in the comments area of a lecture, from posting to moderation to reply notifications.
  • Common: Here, find other common text appearing in various areas across your school. This section includes the course enrollment button, terms of use and privacy policy, and more.
  • Homepage: Customize your page title, welcome text, request for questions, and so on. (Your homepage enroll button can be customized in your homepage block editor.)
  • Error Pages: Choose messages for 404 not found pages, unpublished lectures, forbidden actions, and other errors.
  • Accounts: Help people sign up for a new account on your school, log in to their existing account, or reset their password.
  • Teachable Account Convert Modal: This area includes the modal that appears when students are prompted to convert their school account to a myTeachable account.
  • Manage Subscriptions: This area includes text that helps students manage or cancel their course subscriptions.
  • Credit Card: Here, you can customize the text that helps students manage, update, or delete the credit card they have on file.
  • Edit Profile: This section includes messages for students updating their profile, confirming their email address, or using their myTeachable account.
  • Emails: In this section, you’ll find common text included in emails, from password reset information to purchase and enrollment notifications.
  • Email Receipts: Edit the text of email receipts automatically sent to students when they enroll in a course.
  • Email Subjects: Customize the subject lines of five types of emails sent to students.
  • Confirmations: These are confirmation messages that students will see when they’re on your school site or when they view a confirmation email.
  • Passwords: This area contains more messages regarding password changes.
  • Failure: Students receive these messages when they attempt an unsuccessful action, such as logging in with incorrect credentials or failing to confirm their email address prior to their login attempt.
  • Registrations: This section contains messages related to account registration, updated details, and canceled accounts.
  • Sessions: Inform students when they are successfully signed in or out.
  • Quiz: Modify the text that students see as they take a lecture quiz.
  • Blog: Customize the “Read more” message that appears on a blog post preview.

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