This article covers the basics of adding integrations and webhooks to your Teachable school. Integrations are only available on the Basic plan and up, with the exception of Google Analytics and SumoMe, which can be enabled on a free school.


Integrations can be found via Settings > Integrations.

For almost all, you can easily toggle them on or off, and then enter in some of your account information, and it’ll be ready to go.

At the time of writing you can find the following in the Integrations area:

There are also ways you can integrate third-party apps by using Webhooks.


Webhooks are an easy way to send information from one app to another. They can be configured in a way that will invoke behavior on another website.

They can be found in your Admin Area under Settings > Webhooks.

There are seven kinds of events that can be added with Webhooks:

  1. Lecture completions
  2. Sales
  3. New users join your School
  4. Transactions for one-time/recurring payments
  5. Users update their contact information
  6. Student cancels a subscription
  7. Enrollment created

NOTE: Using Webhooks can be on the advanced side. Work up to it.

For more on setting up Webhooks, continue here.


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