The admin area of your Teachable school is where all the action happens. It’s where you can perform tasks like these (among others):

  • Create courses
  • Design your school’s website
  • Analyze course (and student) success
  • Send emails to students
  • Adjust school and payout settings

Your Teachable admin area is made up of nine key areas:

  1. Dashboard: Get reports, monitor activity within your school, and preview the school as a logged-in or logged-out user.
  2. Users: See a list of users, monitor their activity, email individuals/groups, view and edit user information.
  3. Site: A hub of your school’s action: this is where you can add authors, publish blog posts, create/edit pages, control site design, include code snippets, manage custom domains, and more.
  4. Transactions: View transaction history for course purchases, sorting by day or month, and see a full breakdown of the details for each transaction.
  5. Emails: Your school inbox: send emails and view email history.
  6. Courses: Access the administrative section for specific courses -- create a new course, edit existing ones, set pricing plans, add/edit lectures and sections, and more.
  7. Help: File a support ticket or view previously submitted tickets.
  8. Settings: Manage settings for your school, including general settings, payment gateways, tax preferences, email notifications, and other features.
  9. Account menu: Through this page, you can access the Teachable Tribe instructor community, the Knowledge Base with all the information you need to operate your school, and your personal profile information.

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