After you launch first your course, the Dashboard area serves as a base to quickly get reports, view your school, and stay informed via the live feed.


In the Dashboard area you can access the following tools:

  • Reports: There are several reports you can access by clicking the dropdown menu at the top of your dashboard. The reports aggregate data from across all of your courses.


NOTE: To find out details about reports and how to get reports for individual courses, check out the course reporting tools article.

  • Live Feed: The live feed gives you a snapshot of the ongoing activities within your school. You can see who’s signing up for your school, enrolling in courses, completing lectures, etc. It’s like having a gossipy secretary, minus the bad coffee.


  • View Your School: You can hit the View Your School button to preview your school as a logged-in or logged-out user (you know, take a walk around the grounds).



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