This article outlines the tools available in the Dashboard of the school admin area.

Accessing Your Dashboard

The Dashboard displays metrics that allow school owners to better understand how their school is performing. School owners can access data reports, a live feed of student activity, the Teachable changelog, and view their school—all from one centralized location.

To access your school's Dashboard, log in to your school admin. The Dashboard will automatically display once you’ve launched your school.

NOTE: The dashboard displays in USD by default, and cannot be changed. 



The reports section of the school Dashboard aggregates data from your entire school and displays the data in a graph.

To display data from a particular date range, use the drop-down date picker menu. Then, select the from the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly display options to view data in the date range by day, week, or month.


The following reports are available on the Dashboard:

  • New Signups - The number of new users who signed up for your school each day, over the course of the specific time period.
  • Revenue - The total amount (in USD) of revenue generated by sales. This amount includes any VAT tax collected on sales.
  • Revenue from Order Bumps - The total amount (in USD) of revenue generated by order bump sales. This amount includes any VAT tax collected on those sales.
  • Earnings - The total amount (in USD) earned by the school after transaction fees and author/affiliate commissions have been deducted from the revenue of sales.
  • Course Sales - The total number of purchases generated by course sales.
  • Active Students - The number of users that logged in to a course.
  • Lesson Completions - The number of lesson completed by students.
  • Course Completions - The number of courses completed by students.

Live Feed

The Live Feed displays your users’ recent login and enrollment activity. Click on the user's name to access their profile.


Teachable Changelog

The best way to stay on top of changes made to Teachable  is to view our product changelog. To view the changelog directly from your school admin, click on the megaphone icon on the top-right of the Dashboard:


View Your School

School owners can quickly access their school site directly from the Dashboard. To view your school, click on the orange View Your School button:


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