Viewing and Exporting Your Transaction History

This article shows you how to access your transaction history and export a transaction report.

Viewing Your Transaction History

On Teachable, school owners can access their transaction history and view all transactions processed by the Teachable Payment Gateway or Custom Payment Gateways in their school admin area.

NOTE: You can also view an individual's transaction details.

To access your school’s transaction history, complete these steps:

  1. Log in to your Teachable school.
  2. Click Sales.
  3. Choose to Filter options and Sort by purchase date or sales price in the Transactions section.sales-transactions-filters-sort.gif

Exporting a Transaction Report

Owners can export a CSV of their transaction report by clicking on the Export CSV button:export-csv-button.png

Once the CSV exports, owners will receive an email containing a downloadable copy of the CSV, which can then be opened using programs like Excel, Numbers, etc. The CSV will contain the following data:

  • Purchased At: The date of the transaction in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • ID: The transaction ID that is contained in the URL of the transaction in the school admin (e.g.,
  • User: The name of the purchaser.
  • User Email: The email address of the purchaser.
  • Product Name: The name of the pricing plan purchased (e.g., All-Access Membership Subscription)
  • Course Name: The name of the course purchased.
  • Final Price: The price of the course at the time of purchase.
  • VAT Fees: The total amount of VAT tax charged in the transaction.
  • Net Charge USD: The total amount in USD charged, including VAT tax, if applicable.
  • Net Product Charge USD: The final price of the course including refunds, if applicable.
  • Amount Refunded: The total amount refunded to the student, if applicable.
  • Refunded At: The date that the refund was issued.
  • Net Revenue USD: The total amount (in USD) of revenue generated from the transaction.
  • Author Fees: The total amount of commission earned by the author from the sale.
  • Affiliate Fees: The total amount of commission earned by the affiliate from the sale.
  • Earnings USD: The total amount (in USD) earned by the school once transaction fees and author/affiliate commissions have been deducted from the net revenue of the sale.
  • Method: The payment gateway that processed the transaction (Stripe/PayPal).
  • Custom Gateway: The custom gateway used to process the transaction, if applicable.
  • Coupon: The coupon code applied to the sale, if applicable.
  • Is Chargeback: The status of the transaction, if the transaction is disputed and funds have been returned to the purchaser.
  • Affiliate Email: The email address of the affiliate attributed to the sale, if applicable.
  • Charge Country: The country associated with the purchaser’s credit card or PayPal account.
  • Author Email: The email address of the author of the course.

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