Viewing Your Transaction Breakdown

This article shows you how to view a breakdown of all transactions in your Teachable school, both by day and by month.

  1. Log into your Teachable school.
  2. Click Transactions.
  3. Select Breakdown from the admin sidebar. transaction breakdown
  4. You can now view your transaction breakdowns by day: transaction breakdown by day

    Or by month:

    • # Sales: Number of sales made that day or month.
    • Gross Charge: The amount charged before deductions for affiliate fees, credit card fees, platform fees, and author fees.
    • Affiliate Fees: Any affiliate commission deducted from the sale price.
    • Author Fees: Amount deducted to pay course authors after payment processing, Teachable fees, and affiliate payouts.
    • Earnings: The final amount that is paid out to the school owner.

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