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This article goes over how to set up a blog and create blog posts.

Enable Your Blog

To activate your blog, navigate to Settings > General > Blog. Then click Enable Blog. You can then add additional details like the blog name, subtitle, and about section.admin-settings-general-blog-enable_blog.png

Your blog will also have its own RSS feed. Use your Teachable school’s URL (e.g. or your school’s URL with /blog/rss appended to it (e.g. to search for your blog in your favorite RSS reader.

Create a Blog Post

Once you’ve enabled your blog, navigate to Site > Blog to add a blog post. Click New Post.

Then, modify the post settings and add content to the post in the following areas:

  • Title - The name of the blog post.
  • URL - The URL slug of the blog post’s web address.
  • Bio - The name of the author associated with the post.
  • Publish Date - The date the post will be published.
  • Allow Comments - When toggled on, blog visitors will be able to add comments to the blog post.
  • Content - The rich text editor where you can create and format the body text of the blog post.

TIP: Using strong keywords in the title and URL of the blog post have SEO benefits.

Click Create Post to save the blog post. To view the post before publishing, click Preview. Then, click Publish to make the post live.

Edit an Existing Blog Post

To edit an existing blog post, click on the external editor icon to make changes and click Save:

View Your Blog

To view your blog (and live blog posts), you can navigate to the blog URL ([yourschoolname] or click View Blog:

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