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CAUTION: Please be aware that as of June 9, 2021, new schools will no longer include blogs. Existing schools with blogs will retain their blogs and comments until January 5, 2022, at which point blogs will not be available for any school on Teachable. If you’d like to use blogs in conjunction with your online school, consider using an alternative source such as Squarespace.

How do I download my blog content?

Log into your Teachable admin and navigate to the Site > Blog area of your admin. From there, click on the Alert link to download your blog content.


In order for the download link to work, your school must be online (you can take your school on/offline from your Settings > General menu).

What format will it be in?

The downloaded blog content will be in an .XML file that contains all published posts. That includes metadata about blog content, post contents in HTML format, any post comments, and links to any embedded media.

Note: Unpublished posts will not be included in the download.

How long do I have to download the content?

Blogs will be taken offline on January 5, 2022. This means that you (and your students) will no longer be able to view or access your blog content from your school.

The last day to download your blog content from your school is also January 5, 2022. After this time, all blog content within Teachable will be lost and you will not longer be able to download your blog content.

How long can I access downloaded content?

Once you’ve downloaded the .XML, you’ll have access for as long as you keep the file. But please note, we cannot guarantee uploaded images will be continually hosted. Any important images should be downloaded directly prior to deprecation.

How can I keep my blog on the navigation bar of my school?

If you have set up your blog on another blog hosting website, you can continue to link to your blog from your school's navigation bar. To do so, navigate to Site > Navigation and add the link to your blog's url to your navigation bar. Learn more about customizing your navigation


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Support team directly at

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