Adding Information

This article shows how you can navigate to the information area in a course and understand the options within.

Locating the Information Area

  1. Log into your Teachable admin area.
  2. In the admin sidebar, select a course where you’d like to add or edit information. If the course is not displayed, click View All to see all courses in your school. courses-view-all.png
  3. Once inside a particular course, you should be automatically in the Information area. If you’re not, select it from the sidebar. course-information.png

Editing Course Information

Inside the course information area, you’ll find these subsections: Preview, Details, SEO, Branding, Delete, and Duplicate.

course information navigation

Use and edit these sections as described below.

Previewing the Sales Page

This function allows you to preview the Course Sales Page (as a visitor would see it) and the Course Curriculum (what enrolled students will see).

Changing Course Details

Inside this subsection, you can modify your course’s:

  • Name: title of your course that appears throughout your Teachable school
  • Bio: the course's instructor
  • Subtitle: appears on the sales page, underneath course name
  • Description: the chance to tell potential students what your course is about. By default, it appears on the course sales page; however, it can be removed in the sales page editor.
  • Categories: function to group courses by type

course details

Optimizing Your Sales Page (SEO)

Here, you can make your course’s sales page search-engine-friendly by adding a friendly URL, custom page title, and meta description. Make sure to Save your changes.


Adding Visual Branding

Here, you’ll find various tools to help you create visual branding for the course:

  • Thumbnail: small image used to represent your course across your school. Recommended file type is JPG or PNG, and dimensions are 960 x 540 px.
  • Featured Background: hero background that is placed behind the header on the course sales page. Recommended file type is JPG or PNG, and dimensions are 1440 x 780 px. If a background image is set, the thumbnail image won’t appear on the course sales page.
  • Promo Video: used in the call-to-action section of your course’s sales page. Recommended file type is MP4, M4V, or AVI. Ensure the file size is smaller than 2GB. Compress the video as much as possible.


How the course sales page will appear with a set featured background and promo video:

course branding

How sales page will appear without a featured background and promo video (just thumbnail):

sales page with no background

If you have myTeachable accounts enabled, your courses are also accessible from the Teachable app, so you'll be able to add app-optimized images by clicking the iOS icon here:

Setting Default Pages

Default pages allow you to control where students are redirected to in certain instances.  

Post Purchase Page

Using the Post Purchase Page dropdown menu, you can specify the page students will land on after purchasing your course. The options are:

  • Thank You Page - After purchasing your course, students will be directed to your thank you page as it has been set up in the Thank You Page Editor.
  • Enrolled Course Curriculum - After purchasing your course, students will be directed to your course curriculum. 
  • Custom URL - After purchasing your course, students will be directed to the URL specified in the Custom Post Purchase Redirect URL field.


Deleting Your Course

If you’d like to delete your course, you can do that here in the information area. But remember: once you delete a course, it will be permanently gone. All course content will be unrecoverable.

delete course permanently

Duplicating Your Course

If you like, you can duplicate all course content except for student enrollment records.


NOTE: Courses that are already bundled cannot be duplicated.

A great use case for duplicating courses is if you would like to include one course in two different bundles. To achieve this, you’ll need to duplicate the course so it can be added into both.

Learn more about creating a course bundle here.


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