Enabling Blogs, Comments, Drip Content, and myTeachable Accounts With Labs

This article covers Labs -- an area where you can enable additional functionalities on your Teachable school.

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Finding Labs

  1. Log in to your Teachable admin area
  2. Select Settings in the admin sidebar
  3. Click Labs

Enabling a Blog

Teachable allows you to add a blog to your school so you can publish posts and engage with your audience. Before anything, though, you must first enable the blog in Labs. Simply click Enable Blog to do so. An alert will appear in the lower right-hand corner saying Blog enabled.

enable blog

After enabling the blog, you can adjust blog settings (like the name and subtitle) in Settings > General, and write your first blog post in Site > Blog. Continue here to learn more about adding a blog and creating a new post.

Enabling Comments

Comments allow students and instructors to discuss lecture material. However, you must first enable them inside Labs. To do so, simply click Enable Comments button. A notification will appear at the lower right-hand side of the page to let you know the function has been enabled.

enable comments button

Learn more about adding comments here.

Enabling Drip Content

NOTE: Drip content is available for those on the basic plan and upwards. Learn more about Teachable’s plans and pricing here.

Drip content allows you to release lecture sections within a course based on a set number of days after a student enrolls, rather than releasing all the content at once. After enabling the functionality in Labs, you’ll find a new menu tab in your course sidebar called Drip. To turn Drip on for the course, simply click Enable Drip Content.

enable drip content

A notification will appear - Drip Content enabled - to let you know that it was successfully enabled. Continue here to learn more about setting up drip content.

Enabling myTeachable Accounts

School owners have the option of enabling myTeachable for students on their schools, which will allow students to access the school with their myTeachable account. Learn more about myTeachable for schools here.

enable myTeachable

To enable myTeachable accounts within the Labs area, simply click Enable myTeachable Accounts.

You will then be given the option to automatically connect students’ existing myTeachable accounts, or allow them to opt in.

enable myTeachable

This is up to you, though most instructors will find it convenient to simply make the process automatic.


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