Viewing an Individual Transaction's Details

This article shows how to view the details of an individual transaction.

  1. Log in to your Teachable school.
  2. Click Sales.
  3. Click the individual transaction you wish to see the details of in the Transactions section.Screen_Recording_2018-02-23_at_03.49_PM.gif
  4. View the Summary of buyer details, transaction and payout dates, and related pricing information. 
  5. View Payment Breakdownpayment_breakdown.png
    • Listed Price: The actual list price of your course
    • Coupon: The amount deducted if a coupon is applied
    • VAT Tax: If student based in the EU, amount added in VAT tax 
    • Amount Refunded: Amount returned to the student in the case of a refund
    • Amount Charged via Stripe/PayPal: The amount charged to the student via Stripe or PayPal
    • VAT Tax: Amount of VAT deducted (EU users only) 
    • Affiliate Fee: Affiliate’s commission deducted from the sale price
    • Credit Card Fee: 2.9% + 30 cents
    • Teachable Fixed Fee: Does not apply on a paid monthly plan
    • Teachable Transaction Fee: $0 on Business plans and Professional plans with own payment gateways, $1 + 10% on Free Plans, 5% on basic plans, and 2% on professional plans using Teachable’s payment gateway
    • Author Fee: Amount deducted to pay course author
    • School Earning: The final amount that is paid to the school owner

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