How Do I Set a Background Image or Video For My Course?

This article goes over how to add various types of visual branding to your school.

Basic Types of Visual Branding

There are three basic ways you can visually brand your course: with a thumbnail image, a background image, and a promo video.

Your thumbnail (aka course image) will be used to represent your course across the school. It will appear on your sales page if you don’t have a background image set. Otherwise, it will only appear in other areas of your school, such as on your curriculum page:

thumbnail image on curriculum page

The background image appears behind your course name and subtitle on the course page. Here is an example of how the background image looks:

specific course

If you choose to make a promo video, here's an example of how your video would look on the course page (when combined with a background image):


If you don't include a background image but do include a video, here's an example of how your course page will look:

promo video with no background image

How to Add Visual Branding

To set a course background, course image, or promo video for a course, start by selecting your Course from the admin sidebar and click on the Information tab in the submenu.


Inside the Branding section (along the top bar) is where you can adjust your thumbnail, featured background, and promo video.course branding settings

Click Add Image to upload the image you want to appear as your background or course thumbnail. Files will be resized to fit the dimensions of each area. Similarly, click Add Video to upload a video.

NOTE: The recommended file type for images are JPG or PNG. For videos, the recommended file types are MP4, M4V, MOV, or AVI. Also, ensure that the file size is less than 2GB.

** If you don't want your image to be resized, make sure your thumbnail image is 960 x 540 pixels and your background image is 1440 x 780 pixels.


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