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This article shows you how to publish your course, outlines the difference between publishing a lecture and a course, and goes over taking your entire school offline.

Publish/Unpublish a Course

After you've completed adding content to your lectures, and are ready to take your course online, you can publish your course by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your school’s admin area.
  2. Select the course you’d like to publish directly from the admin sidebar, or click View All to see all courses you’ve created. 
  3. In the course's Information area, click the Publish Course button.
  4. To confirm, click the Yes, publish course button in the modal that appears.

Similarly, if you wish to unpublish the course (make it inactive), click the Unpublish Course button in the same location. Once unpublished, only those already enrolled in the course, or those you send the course URL directly to, will be able to access it.

NOTE: Make sure you’ve set up a pricing plan before directing users to your private course page. Otherwise, potential students will not be able to enroll.

Preview Your Course

After you’ve created a course and added content, you'll likely want to preview it before having students enroll. To do so:

  1. Click the Preview button in the upper part of the course's submenu. 
  2. A pop-up modal will appear, asking you whether you want to preview the sales page as a visitor or preview the curriculum as a logged-in student. admin-courses-preview-pop_up_modal.png

Switch View From Logged In to Logged Out

You may be working on designing your school and want to see how it looks to people who are not logged in to your school. To do this:

  1. Preview your page as outlined in the steps above.
  2. Click Preview as in the upper right corner. Choose either Logged in user or Logged out userpreview-as-switch.gif

This will show you what your course looks like to someone who is logged out of your Teachable course.

Publish/Unpublish Lectures

Unpublished lectures in a course—or Drafts—will not appear to students working through the curriculum. Students will only be able to access lectures and sections that have been published. Similarly, if lectures within a section are published, but the section itself is not, lectures will not be visible to students.

Publish a lecture by selecting the checkbox to the right-hand side. If you wish to unpublish a lecture and return it to draft status, uncheck the box. Alternatively, you can publish/unpublish an individual lecture inside the lecture area itself by clicking the Publish/Unpublish button in the top-right corner. 


You can also use bulk actions to publish/unpublish multiple lectures at once. Other bulk actions include making your lectures a free preview, making your lectures downloadable, and deleting lectures.


Make a Course Private

To make a course private, publish all the lectures, but unpublish the course itself. When a course is unpublished, it will not appear on your school's main directory, so students can only find it if (a) they were already enrolled, or (b) you provide them with a direct course URL. Make sure you have a pricing plan set up before directing students to your course page, or they will not be able to enroll.

Unpublish a course by going to the course’s main Information area. From there, click the Unpublish Course button.

To make a course even more private, you can delete all pricing plans so that students cannot enroll themselves in the course; then, manually enroll selected students from your end.

Take Your School Offline

In the instance you wish to take your school offline, this can be done in Settings > General under Status. Learn more about taking your school offline here.

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