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School pages are areas that are accessible to all users who visit your school, including your school homepage, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and more. This article goes over how to add, modify, publish, unpublish, and delete pages in your school.

Add a New Page

To add a new page to your school, navigate to the Site > Pages section of your school admin.

Then, click New Page and add details about the page.

You can modify the following details:

  • Page Title - The title of the page as it displays in a browser tab.
  • Page URL - The URL slug of the page’s web address.
  • Page Content - A rich text block that is automatically added when first creating a page. You can add more page blocks after the page is created.
  • Blank Template - When toggled on, all school template code is removed from the page.
  • Show Navigation Bar - When toggled on, the navigation bar will appear on the page.
  • Colored Navigation Bar - When toggled on, a colored navigation bar will display on the page, instead of a transparent navigation bar. The color of the navigation bar is determined by the palette set for Nav Bar & Footer Background in the Theme section of your school.
  • Show Footer - When toggled on, the standard school footer will display on the page.

Click Create Page. Once you create a new page, you’ll be directed to the page editor, where you can make further customizations to the page.

Edit a Page

If you want to edit a page that already exists in your school, click the green external editor icon next to the page:

Then, you’ll be redirected to the page editor, where you can add page blocks and make modifications to existing page content.

Click Preview to see your changes. Click Save to save a draft of the page. To remove all of your changes, click Reset and then click OK to confirm.

Publish or Unpublish a Page

To make a page live and accessible to users, click the Publish button. A notification will appear indicating that the page is published.

To deactivate a page and make it inaccessible to users, click the Unpublish button. A notification will appear indicating that the page is deactivated.

Delete a Page

To delete a page altogether, click the red trash icon. Click OK to confirm the deletion. A notification will appear indicating that the page is deleted.

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