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This article explains how to create and manage your community.


The community feature offers a dedicated space for users in your Teachable school to share, discuss, and exchange experiences. The community experience includes:

  • A dedicated space for you and students to foster connections
  • The ability to categorize sections of your community into different topics
  • Tools to moderate content within your community

This feature is available to schools on any paid plan. 

Getting Started

Creating Your Community

  1. Log into your school > community. 
  2. Select Create your community.  
  3. Once your community is ready, you will receive an email in your inbox. Click Set up your community to finalize set up.
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NOTE: It can take up to 15 minutes for your community to generate.

Enable/Disable Your Community

After your community has been created, select Enable Community in the top right corner of the page to make your community visible to students. 

You can also disable your community by selecting the same button again. 

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Access Settings

Edit Access

By default, all students in your school are set to have access to your community. You can choose to limit access for students in select membership tiers or specific courses by:

  1. Clicking Edit Access in the Student Access tab.

  2. Select "Members" or "Students enrolled in specific courses" in the drop down menu.
  3. If you selected "Members", choose the membership tiers you would like to gain access to your community. Please note: If you would like your students to purchase a membership tier, you will need to set your membership tier to Publish
  4. If you selected "Students enrolled in specific courses", select the courses with the students that you would like to have access to your community.


Sharing Access

A direct link to your community can be shared with students and users. To do so:

  1. Navigate to your school > Community
  2. Under the "How to Access" section, copy the provided URL. 
  3. Share this URL with students via email, DM, social media, etc. 

Upon accessing your community link, students will be prompted to sign into your school to finalize access. 

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Categories and Topics

Within your community, you can create topics and categories to help organize conversations and discussion. These categories will appear in the left sidebar navigation of your community.

NOTE: Topics are formatted via HTML markdown. As you format your content, a preview of your topic will appear on the right side.

Create/Manage Categories

To create, edit, or delete an existing category:

  1. Select the “Categories and sidebar” tab.
  2. To create a new category, select “Add a category”, or the pencil icon to the right of an existing category. From here, you can:
    • Edit the name of your category
    • Edit the category color
    • Select user group access (Entire community, membership, and courses)
    • And permission levels for users with access to this category
  3. To delete an existing category, select the trashcan icon to the right of an existing category.

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Within categories, topics can be posted to encourage discussions. Topics can then be tagged to better sift through existing conversations. To add a topic:

  1. Navigate to your community and select a category.
  2. In the top right hand corner, select “New Topic”.
  3. Title your topic, select or create a new tag, and enter in your topic content.

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TIP: Tagging your topic can allow for easy search-ability. New tags can be created from topic creation and existing tags can be re-used in future topics.

Community User Roles 

There are three types of users in your community: Admins, Moderators, and Student Users. Each role utilizes specific default permissions to run your community. 


Admin users are the highest level users in your community. Their permissions include:

  • Impersonating non-admin level users
  • Change site settings
  • Create groups
  • Amend site customizations
  • Read any personal message
  • Create, delete and modify categories
  • Ignore category permissions to view private categories


Moderators are a step below Admin level users. When granted moderator status, these users can assist in running your community with limited permissions:

  • A shield icon is displayed next to their name on posts--to differ from student users.
  • Moderators can edit all posts and users
  • Moderators cannot add categories or change any site settings.

(Learn more about how to moderate your community). 

Student Users

This is basic level access to post comments and posts in your community.

User Experience

When your community has been enabled, users with permission to view your community can access your space by selecting the Learn with Others button appearing in the course curriculum.

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Topics and Replies

Topics are displayed as single posts within each Category of your community space. Users with permission to access community can post topics and reply to existing topics--encouraging engagement with users. (Learn more about posting topics).

Moderating Content

It's moderators' role to help oversee the topics in community, ensuring that users and content are in line with your Terms of Use, FAQ, and other published rules/guidelines. 

Flagging a Post

If a post violates your community guidelines, users are able to flag it for moderators.

To flag a post:

  1. Select the topic.
  2. Then clicking the flag icon at the bottom of the topic post

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The flag dialog provides the following options:

  • It's Inappropriate
    This topic contains content that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, to be hateful conduct or a violation of our community guidelines.
  • It's Spam
    This topic is an advertisement. It is not useful or relevant to this site, but promotional in nature.
  • Something Else
    This topic requires general staff attention based on the guidelines, TOS, or for another reason not listed above.

Selecting the most applicable option will help ensure moderators can determine the next best steps.

Reviewing a Post

The Review Queue is a page that merges all types of reviewable items in your community into one consolidated review queue. Posts that are flagged will appear in the Review Queue.

Admin users can access the review queue by clicking on the “Review” button from the sidebar. From, here, the post can be removed or kept. 

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How do I embed media in my community?

You can embed media by pasting the link directly in your post for images and videos. 

How do I use HTML Markdown in my community?

You can use this guide to use HTML Markdown in your Community.

How do I sell my community with memberships? 

  1. Make sure you have a membership tier created up under Memberships on the navigation bar.
  2. Go to Community, and click “Edit access” to select the membership tier you want to gain access to community.





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