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This article goes over myTeachable, the new way for owners to manage their Teachable schools. If you signed up for an owner account with Teachable after November 9, 2016, you automatically started with a myTeachable account. If you had an account prior to November 9, you must convert to a myTeachable account. To learn about enabling myTeachable for your students, authors, and affiliates, read Enabling myTeachable for Your School Users.

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What Is myTeachable?

From 2014 to November 2016, Teachable supported only one school per user account. With the release of myTeachable, this changed. When you, as a school owner, convert your old Teachable account into a myTeachable account, you will be able to create and manage as many schools as you like from one beautiful centralized dashboard. This free upgrade comes with no changes for your students: on their end, everything will look exactly the same as before.

What’s more, if you already had multiple schools, they will automatically be merged for you (as long as the accounts were opened with the same email address), so you can start taking advantage of the system right away.

Features of myTeachable Owner Accounts

With myTeachable, owners can do the following:

  • Access the admin area(s) for their existing school(s) by clicking on the school from their My Schools dashboard
  • Access any myTeachable-enabled schools owned by others on which they are a student, author, or affiliate
  • Create new schools
  • Manage their myTeachable account settings like name, email address, Gravatar, and password
  • Access the help center to resolve issues and submit support tickets to customer care

All other administrative details, like managing students, Teachable plans, billing, user payments, invoicing, report generation, and so on, are handled in your individual school admin area, not from your myTeachable dashboard. Note especially that billing by Teachable for each school you own is handled separately, so if you have one school on the Basic plan and another on the Professional plan, you'll pay for them individually.

Why Should You Convert Your Account?

If you already have multiple schools (sharing an email), or plan to do so in the future, myTeachable will allow you to manage them much more efficiently. But even if you have a single school, with no plans to start others, you'll need myTeachable to use the help center and take advantage of other useful features. This is why we are making it mandatory for owners to convert their accounts.

To learn how to convert your owner account into a myTeachable account, visit this article.


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