Understanding User Roles

This article gives you an overview of the different roles a user can assume in a Teachable school.

Ownerschool owners

An owner, also called an administrator (or admin), is anyone the Primary Owner appoints as a fellow owner. They have full access to everything, such as these functions:

  • Pricing
  • Editing
  • Deleting
  • Duplicating
  • And more.

Owners also have full administrative rights over users, students, authors, and affiliates. Additionally, they have the ability to add other owners to their school. This means that there can be multiple owners for one Teachable school.

Once you give someone owner privileges, they cannot be taken away unless the user is deleted.

NOTE: Owner/Administrator accounts cannot dually have the distinction of affiliate or author.


school authors

Based on rules set by the owner, an author can oversee one or more courses and can perform certain administrative functions, like:

  • Uploading
  • Publishing
  • Pricing
  • Emailing students enrolled in the course
  • And more.


school affiliates

Affiliates are enrolled students who have been granted the account status of “affiliate” by a school owner. Affiliates promote courses in exchange for a set percentage of revenue for each purchase linked with their affiliate ID.


school students

Students are any users who are enrolled in one or more courses and have not been designated as an administrator or an author.


Users are any individuals who have an account on Teachable. This includes owners, authors, affiliates, students, and even people who sign up for a course but never complete payment.


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