How Can I Sell My Course to Organizations/Bulk Purchasers?

This article shows you how to allow people/organizations to make a one-time purchase allowing course access for multiple users.


You may want to sell your courses to schools, businesses, or other organizations that want to buy access to your course for a group of people. Chances are those organizations want to give access to all their members without making separate purchases for each individual. You can allow them to do this by creating coupons (either single-use or multiple-use). To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new pricing plan for the course that corresponds to the price/licenses that you want to sell it for. To learn more about how to set that up, check out this article. Alternatively, if you want a version of the course specifically for members of the organization, you can first duplicate the course, name it "Course: Corporate/Enterprise Version," and add the appropriate pricing to that course.
  2. Once you’ve seen that an organization has purchased that plan for your course, create the appropriate number of coupons. In order to do this, navigate to your course and select Coupons from the admin

    NOTE: Coupons are only available on the Basic Plan and higher. See what comes with each plan here.

  3. You now have two options:

Option 1: Single-Use Coupons

Single-use coupons can only be used once by a single customer. You can generate a batch of single-use coupons and send the CSV file (essentially an Excel document) with all of the links to the organization. The organization will then distribute the links in order for their members to redeem the offer. The CSV file you generate will contain the following information:

  • The coupon code to be used
  • A link to enroll for that course with the coupon code already added in

To generate single-use coupons and the CSV file, follow these steps:

  1. Click Bulk Coupon Generator on the top right of the page. bulk coupon generator
  2. If you're only selling one course to the organization, select This Course Onlybulkcoupon2.png
  3. Now, select a Pricing Plan from the dropdown, set the Discount Amount to the full course price so that your course is free (or change to Percentage and set it to 100%), and choose the Number of Coupons you want to send to the organization. admin-course-coupons-bulk_coupon_generator-specific
  4. Click Download Generated CSV when you’re done. This will download the CSV file to your computer. You can now send the Excel file to the organization.

NOTE: Members of the organization will still need to create a student account for your school when they first go to enroll in the course.

Option 2: Multiple Use Coupon

A multiple-use coupon is one coupon that can be used by a specific number of users. You can create a multiple-use coupon and send the link with the coupon code embedded into the URL to the organization. This option is usually easier for administrators to send out to a team (although they will be responsible if the coupon code is given to the wrong person).

To generate a multiple-use coupon to send to an organization, follow these steps:

  1. Click New Coupon on the Coupons page of your course. new coupon
  2. Fill in the Create Coupon form. Make sure to make the Amount the total amount of your course, or change to Percentage and mark it 100% of the full value of the course. Set the Number Available to the number of licenses the organization wants to purchase (which should also bypass or reduce the problem of the code getting spread to non-employees). Click Add Coupon when you’re done.
  3. Now, your coupon code should appear on your coupon page. Click Preview to see how your course will look to users with the coupon code in the URL.


  4. From the preview page, you'll see a coupon code similar to this in your URL:


Copy the portion of the URL just before the “&preview=logged_out” (as highlighted above). Send this URL to the organization so that they can distribute the URL to their members.

NOTE: Members of the organization will still need to create a student account for your school when they first go to enroll in the course.

Learn more about how coupon codes work in Teachable here.


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