Bulk Importing Students

This article shows school owners on the High Volume and Enterprise plans how to import students into your Teachable school using the bulk student importer.

Finding the Bulk Student Importer

  1. Log into your Teachable school.
  2. Select Users from the admin sidebar.
  3. Click Import Students in the upper right corner. import students

Importing Students

  1. To import students in bulk, click Choose File. choose file
  2. Now, upload the CSV file with your students’ information in the format demonstrated below. The Name and Email fields must be filled. If either of those fields are left empty, the import will fail.csv file

    NOTE: If you import a student without a password, the student will receive an email to confirm their account and set up a password. If a password is added in the CSV file, the student will not receive an email and the account will be confirmed and created automatically.

  3. You can also choose to manually import students one at a time by using the Manual Import option and adding a student’s name, email, and password. manually import students

    NOTE: Similar to the CSV method above, a password is not required when manually importing students. If no password is provided, the student will receive an email to confirm their account.

  4. Click + Add Another Student to manually import more students.
  5. After you’ve uploaded your CSV file or added students manually, you can choose to enroll them in one of your courses, and if applicable, apply a coupon code to the course. Please note that at this time, only 100%-off coupons are compatible with the bulk student importer.

    To import users into your school without enrolling them in any classes, leave both text fields blank.

    once these students are imported
  6. Click Import Students. import students

A notification will appear in the lower right-hand corner letting you know that your students are being imported.


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