How Do I Launch My School?

This article shows you how to launch your first Teachable school.

Launching Your School from the Dashboard

After you’ve created your first course, it’s time to launch your school. To do this, click Launch your school from the dashboard.

launch school

Then, if you have not already set a pricing plan for your course, you will be prompted to do so. You can also launch a course for free by clicking Launch school with the Free plan.


NOTE: Learn more about Teachable’s pricing plans and what they come with here.

A pop-up modal will appear letting you know that you’ve successfully launched your Teachable school.

school successfully launched

Launching Your School in Settings

NOTE: This area may not appear until you've completed the prerequisites required to launch a new school.

Alternatively, you can launch your school by navigating to Settings and clicking Status from the upper navigation.


Then, click Take My School Online.

take school online

Click OK to launch your OK to launch school

A notification saying “Your school has been enabled” will appear in the lower right-hand corner to let you know the launch was successful.

You can take your school offline at anytime by clicking Take My School Offline.

school status


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