Creating CNAME Records with Cloudflare

This article shows how to route requests from your custom domain to your Teachable course by creating a CNAME record with Cloudflare.


To use a custom domain for your Teachable course, you must create a CNAME record at the root level. Many domain providers don’t allow you to do this, but with Cloudflare, you can create CNAME records at the root level for free.

Creating a CNAME Record with Cloudflare

To create a CNAME record using Cloudflare, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a free Cloudflare account. sign up for cloudflare
  2. Type the domain name you want to use for your Teachable school without the www prefix and click Scan DNS Records.

    NOTE: You must type your URL without the www because a URL with this prefix is a completely different domain.

    scan dns records
  3. After Cloudflare has scanned your DNS records, click Continue.
  4. Review your records and click Continue again.
  5. Select Free Website and click Continue. free website cloudflare plan
  6. Copy both of the nameservers. copy nameservers from cloudflare
  7. Now, open a new window and go to your domain registrar. Change your domain’s nameservers by pasting the Cloudflare nameservers in their place.change domain nameservers

    NOTE: This example uses the domain registrar Namecheap. Where you add the Cloudflare nameservers will look different depending on your domain registrar.

  8. Return to Cloudflare and click DNS from the top navigation menu. dns
  9. Delete the A Record with your domain in it by clicking the x icon. delete A record
  10. Create a CNAME record by selecting CNAME from the menu on the left. CNAME
  11. Type your custom domain inside the Name box and the URL of your teachable school inside the IPv4 address box. Click Add Record. add CNAME record
  12. Click the gray cloud icon to turn Cloudflare’s status to active for this CNAME record.activate CNAME record

    NOTE: It often takes 24-48 hours for these changes to fully process.


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