Converting Your Teachable Account to a myTeachable Account

This article explains how to convert your old Teachable instructor account to a new, centralized myTeachable account. If you joined Teachable after November 9, 2016, you already have a myTeachable account and don’t need to worry about converting.

What Does It Mean to Convert Your Account?

myTeachable is a new feature that allows owners to manage multiple schools with a single account, and will optionally allow students to access all the courses they’re enrolled in on the Teachable platform from one myTeachable account. To learn more about myTeachable, visit Understanding myTeachable Owner Accounts

How to Convert Your Account

NOTE: This only applies to Teachable instructors whose accounts were opened prior to November 9, 2016.

Starting on Wednesday, November 9th, Teachable sent emails to school owners asking you to confirm your email address and upgrade to a myTeachable account. It will look something like this:

myTeachable confirm email address

Can’t locate the email in your inbox? No worries. Simply log into your account as usual. At the top of your screen, you should see a notification banner at the top of your admin area. From here, you can have the confirmation email re-sent, at which time you can click the button to verify your email and upgrade the account.

After you click the button, your account is immediately upgraded, and you’ll be taken to your new Teachable dashboard, which will look like this:

myteachable dashboard

And that’s it. From here, you’re ready to get back to doing what you do best: teaching!


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