Coupon(s) Not Working Properly

This article goes over some common issues instructors may experience with coupons, and how to address them. For information on creating coupons, see Creating Coupon Codes.

Viewing Coupons

To view all coupons within an existing course and check their details, navigate to the course and select Coupons from the left sidebar:


Pricing Plan Deleted

Coupons are attached to individual pricing plans, which have unique product IDs, rather than to the course as a whole. If a coupon is not working, one possible cause is that it is attached to a pricing plan that no longer exists. For instance, if you used to have a one-time-purchase plan, but have since switched to subscription only, any coupons created for the one-time-purchase plan will now be invalid.

To find out which pricing plan a coupon is associated with, locate the coupon within the Coupons area of the course, and check Pricing Plan.

Coupon Has Expired

One simple explanation for a coupon not working: it may have expired. Locate the coupon in the Coupons area of your course to see the expiration date and time. Times are based on your local time zone.

Maximum Redemptions Reached

For multiple-use coupons, you’ll sometimes have a limited number available. To check how many have been used, locate the coupon in the Coupons area of your course and look under the # Available heading.

Course URL Changed

Has your course URL changed recently? If so, coupon links provided prior to the change will no longer work. Create a new coupon and provide students with the corrected link.

User Error

If users are manually inputting the code (rather than using a coupon link), it could be a matter of entering an incorrect letter or number.

To make sure they’re using the right code, you can provide them with a coupon link by navigating to the coupon, clicking Preview, and copying the resulting link (making sure to delete the &preview=logged-out portion of the URL) to provide to your student. When they click the link, the sales page should display the reduced price with the coupon applied. If they have a problem, ask them to make sure cookies are enabled on their browser.


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