How Do I Make a Course Private?

If you want to have a course that’s only available to certain people rather than the general public, you can easily make a private course on Teachable.

Why Make a Private Course?

There are a number of reasons why it may be in your best interests to privatize a course. Perhaps you’ve created a custom-made course for a specific organization or class, like a training course or supplemental material/homework, and you only want it available to that audience. Or maybe the course comes with a lot of one-on-one attention and you’re only equipped to handle a few students at a time. Or you want to provide V.I.P. content to a select number of people who have fulfilled other prerequisites. In these cases and others, a private course may be the answer.

Making a Course Private

To make a course private, the trick is to publish all the lectures, but unpublish the course itself. When a course is unpublished, it will not appear on your school's main directory, so students can only find it if (a) they were already enrolled, or (b) you provide them with a direct course URL. Make sure you have a pricing plan set up before directing students to your course page, or they will not be able to enroll.

Unpublish a course by going to the course’s main Information area. From there, click the Unpublish Course button in the upper right corner.


To make a course even more private, you can delete all pricing plans so that students cannot enroll themselves in the course; then, manually enroll selected students from your end. If you choose this option, the students you enroll will not be charged for the course.


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