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This article reviews the Monthly Payment Gateway. It goes over who is eligible to use the Monthly Payment Gateway, how to set up and manage the gateway, how to receive your payouts, and breaks down associated fees.


The Monthly Payment Gateway is one of Teachable’s native payment gateways. Payment gateways allow you to accept student payments for your products, and then receive payouts for your earnings from those sales.

TIP: To learn more about all payment gateway options and accepting payments on Teachable, check out the Get Started with Payments article.

Features of the Monthly Payment Gateway include:


Teachable offers two native payment gateway options—teachable:pay and the Monthly Payment Gateway.

Schools that are located in certain countries are eligible to set up teachable:pay. For a full list of these countries, check out the teachable:pay article.

Schools that are unable to set up teachable:pay are eligible for the Monthly Payment Gateway.

Setup and management

Only Primary Owners can set up or edit payment gateway details.

To set up the Monthly Payment Gateway:

  1. Navigate to your Settings > Payments page.The image shows the admin screen of a Teachable school. The SETTINGS tab of the left side admin menu is selected, then the PAYMENTS tab of the submenu is selected. The main screen shows a dropdown menu for COUNTRY.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select which country you’re located in.
    1. If you select a country that is eligible for teachable:pay, you will automatically start the setup process for teachable:pay. Learn more about eligibility and setup for teachable:pay.
    2. If you have selected a country that is not eligible for teachable:pay, you will continue with the setup process for Monthly Payment Gateway.
  3. Enter in a PayPal account email address. This is where Teachable will send your earnings—you must have a valid PayPal account to receive payouts through the Monthly Payment Gateway. (If you do not have a PayPal account, sign up for one directly through their website.)
  4. Fill out the rest of the prompts accordingly:
    1. Tax filing status - Select individual or business.
    2. Annual sales - Enter in the amount you/your business made in annual sales last year. This information helps us understand the kinds of users and businesses that are using Teachable.
    3. BackOffice - To enable BackOffice, select Enable BackOffice. To keep BackOffice disabled, select Skip. (Learn more about BackOffice).
      1. If enabled, you will be given the option to enable PayPal as a payment option for your students on the next screen.
    4. Course details - From the dropdown menus, enter in information about your course topics and price ranges. This information helps us to understand what kinds of courses users are creating on Teachable.
  5. On the last screen, click Confirm payment settings to finalize the setup of the Monthly Payment Gateway.

The gif shows a user selecting various prompts during the payment gateway onboarding process. They enter in a PayPal email address, click next, then enter in details about tax filing status and earnings, click next, then enable BACKOFFICE and PayPal, and on the final screen click CONFIRM PAYMENT SETTINGS.

Once you set up the Monthly Payment Gateway, you can edit the following details at any time from the Settings > Payments page:

  • PayPal email address - The PayPal account you receive payouts to.
  • BackOffice - Enable or disable BackOffice at any time. (Changing this setting only applies to future sales—any sales that have already been made are processed under the BackOffice setting that was set at time of sale).
  • PayPal - Enable or disable PayPal as a payment option for your students. (This setting is only available if you have BackOffice enabled. For more information on student payment options, check out the Get Started with Payments article.)


Sales made on the Monthly Payment Gateway are paid out to the school owner’s PayPal account on a monthly basis. (Primary Owners can edit the PayPal email address on file from the Settings > Payments menu). Payouts are sent to PayPal in USD.

Due to Teachable’s 30-day refund policy for courses, Teachable pays school owners in USD on the first US business day of every month, after the 30 day refund period, by 10pm UTC (5pm US EST). Weekends and US holidays do not count as US business days.

For example, if you make a sale in January, you would receive those funds from Teachable on March 1st. Then, on April 1st, you'll be paid for sales made in February, and so on. To understand when you will receive payouts for sales, refer to the following chart:

Sale made in:

Payout will be sent:


First business day of March


First business day of April


First business day of May


First business day of June


First business day of July


First business day of August


First business day of September


First business day of October


First business day of November


First business day of December


First business day of January


First business day of February


Authors and affiliates

If you have enabled BackOffice, Teachable will distribute any author and affiliate earnings on the same payout schedule outlined above. Author and affiliate payouts are also made via PayPal.

CAUTION: Authors and affiliates must have a valid PayPal account to receive payouts through Teachable’s BackOffice services. Authors can add their PayPal account in the Payout Details tab of their author dashboard. Affiliates can add their PayPal account in the Payout Details tab of their affiliate dashboard.

If you have disabled BackOffice, the school owner is responsible for paying out authors and affiliates directly (i.e., off of the Teachable platform). You can still use the reporting available through your Sales > Transactions menu to track how much is owed to each author/affiliate.


Each transaction processed by the Monthly Payment Gateway is subject to Teachable transaction fees, processing fees, and an optional BackOffice fee.

Teachable transaction fees

Teachable transaction fees vary by Teachable plan level. The transaction fee percentage is calculated on the total transaction earnings (amount charged before taxes) minus credit card/PayPal processing fees.

Teachable transaction fees for the Monthly Payment Gateway are as follows:

Free plan Basic plan Pro plan Business plan
10% + $1 fixed fee 5% 0% 0%


BackOffice fees

BackOffice fees are an optional fee on all transactions for BackOffice services while enabled. The BackOffice fee percentage is calculated on the total transaction earnings (amount charged before taxes) minus processing fees.

Learn more about BackOffice.

Processing fees

Processing fees are calculated based on the total amount charged to the student.

Processing fees are the same across all plan levels, but vary depending on student payment method. Processing fees are as follows:

Payment method/type


US card fee

2.9% + 30¢

US PayPal fee

3.49% + 49¢

International card fee

3.9% + 30¢

International PayPal fee

4.99% + 49¢

Frequently asked questions & troubleshooting

Why have I not received my payout yet?

On the Monthly Payment Gateway, Teachable distributes payouts on the 1st of each month—unless that falls on a weekend or US holiday. Earnings are sent to the PayPal account you have on file in your Settings > Payments menu. (If you are an author or affiliate, you can set your PayPal email in the Payout Details tab of your author or affiliate dashboard).

Due to Teachable’s 30-day refund policy for courses, Teachable must hold funds for at least 30 days before releasing them to you. For example, on March 1st, you would receive a payment for all course purchases that took place in January. Then, on April 1st, you'd be paid for purchases made in February, and so on. You can view a complete breakdown of payouts schedule in the Payouts section above.

Additionally, payouts will not be sent if you have earned over $500 on the Teachable platform and have not yet submitted a tax form. If you have multiple accounts on Teachable (i.e., you are a Primary Owner in one school, and an author/affiliate in another) you will need to make sure you have a tax form on file for each account. Learn more about submitting your tax form(s).

Why is the payout amount I received different than expected?

When you get a payout for your earnings, we advise reviewing your earnings statement to understand the breakdown of your earnings.

For users on the Monthly Payment Gateway, we recommend using your earnings statements, which are available from the Sales > Statements tab. Earnings statements are available 20 days after the end of the month—meaning that your earnings statement for September sales would be available on October 20th. Then, you would be paid out for your September earnings on the first business day of November (according to the Monthly Payment Gateway payout schedule). Your earnings statement information can help you understand the amount you’ll receive before the payout is sent.

I turned on BackOffice and enabled PayPal as a payment option—why is PayPal still not showing up as a payment option on my checkout page(s)?

In order to enable PayPal, ensure that you’ve enabled BackOffice and then turned on PayPal as a payment option in your Settings > Payments menu.

Once you have enabled PayPal Payments through BackOffice, no further action items are required for PayPal to display as a payment option at checkout.

There are cases where PayPal will not be available as a payment option for students on Teachable's native payment gateways, even with BackOffice enabled. These specific instances are as follows:

- Currencies outside the United States (PayPal is only available in USD at this time)
- Recurring payments (subscriptions and payment plans) where a coupon that applies to only the first payment is applied at checkout

- Recurring payments (subscriptions and payment plans) where an order bump is applied at checkout

Read more about PayPal and other payment options for your students.

Additional resources

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