Student Guide: Log In to Your Account

This article goes over how to log in and access purchased content as a student, explains the different types of student accounts that are available, and goes over common troubleshooting steps.


Every school powered by Teachable is independent and offers students access to products and other content specific to that school. As such, each school has its own login portal which can often be found on the school’s site.

Example of a login button found in the top right corner on a school’s homepage.

After your initial purchase of a course, coaching, or bundle product from a school, you will receive a confirmation email to verify your account and enrollment. After verification, you can use the school’s login portal to log back in at a later time.

As a student, there are different types of accounts available when logging in:

  1. School Accounts - An account that is unique to the individual school where a product was purchased. These accounts use the login portal on the school’s site to access. You may have multiple school accounts if you have purchased from different schools powered by Teachable.
  2. Teachable Accounts - A centralized account that allows you to log in to your associated school accounts using the same credentials through the Teachable Accounts login page. Please note that schools on Teachable have the option to opt out of offering Teachable Accounts to log in to their school. If a school has opted out, you can still log in using your school account.
  3. Google Accounts - For those with an existing Google account, these accounts allow you to use your Google credentials to login to Teachable directly. Please note that schools on Teachable have the option to opt out of offering Google Accounts to log in to their school. If a school has opted out, you can still log in using your school account.


NOTE: If you don’t see the Login with Teachable button as a login option for a school, they have chosen to disable Teachable Accounts.

If you experience issues logging in or accessing your product, refer to our common troubleshooting steps below.

Log in using a school account

School accounts are created by default when purchasing a product or signing up for access to a school on Teachable. To login with your school account:

  1. Navigate to the school's homepage. If you don't remember the URL, check your email for a confirmation message (subject line may include “Confirm your Account” or “Redeem your copy of x”.)
  2. Click Login in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage.
  3. Enter the email address and password you used to register your account and click Login.
  4. You'll be taken to the school site after logging in. The page you see will vary depending on what the school owner has set for a landing page. If you'd like to see the products you're enrolled in, you can click the My Products link in the homepage header.

GIF of login flow using the school account login steps.

Log in using a Teachable or Google account

If you have a Teachable account or Google account, you can login through either the school’s login portal or through the Teachable Accounts login page by completing these steps:

  1. From the school’s homepage, click the Login button in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on the Login with Teachable or Login with Google button. This will redirect you to the account login page.
    NOTE: If you do not see this option, the school owner has chosen to disable Teachable Accounts and/or Google Accounts as a form of login. Please use the instructions for logging in with a school account above.
  3. Enter the email address and password associated with your Teachable Account or Google Account and click Login.
  4. Once logged in, you will be able to view your purchased products by clicking the My Products link in the homepage header.

GIF of login flow using Teachble Accounts login steps.

Troubleshooting student login issues

The school doesn’t have a login button on their site.

School owners can fully customize their site, including changing the login button. If the owner has removed the login button from their site, please contact them directly for access to their login portal. Learn more about contacting your school owner.

TIP: Every school on Teachable has a unique login URL that includes the URL of their site with /sign_in tagged at the end. (Example:

I have a Teachable Account, but the new school I enrolled in isn’t showing up in my Teachable Accounts dashboard.

This could mean that you have not yet connected your Teachable Account to your student account within that school.

Alternatively, the school owner may have disabled the use of Teachable Accounts for their school. If this is the case, you will only be able to use your school account to log in to the school and will not see the school listed within your Teachable Accounts dashboard.

I logged in to the school. Why don’t I see all of the products I’m enrolled in?

Sometimes, you may accidentally create multiple accounts in a single school using different email addresses. For example, this can happen if you misspelled your email address when purchasing the product. If you are able to successfully log in but are unable to locate or access your course, then you may have multiple accounts in the school.

Since you’ll only be able to access your products by logging into the account that was used to purchase or enroll, ensure that you are logging into the correct account. If you’re unsure if you’ve created multiple accounts, contact the school owner.

Why does it say my login email/password is incorrect?

If you see an error message stating “your email or password is incorrect” when logging in, first ensure that you’re using the same login credentials you set when you signed up or purchased your product. Check for any spelling errors in the email address or password.

School account login portal with the test your email or password is incorrect warning banner showing at the top of the browser.

Second, this may indicate that you are trying to login using the wrong account credentials. Try switching the account type from logging in using the school account portal to the Teachable accounts login portal by clicking the Login with Teachable button.

GIF showing the school login portal and with the error banner at the top and then clicking on the Login with Teachable button to go to the Teachable Accounts login portal.

If you are still receiving the same error, try resetting your password using our password reset guide.

If after following the suggestions above, the error continues, please contact the school owner or Teachable Support. Learn more about getting help as a student.

I don’t remember my password; what should I do?

You may be experiencing login issues due to an outdated or invalid password in your student account, in which case you may wish to reset your password entirely. Learn more about resetting your password.

NOTE: Not immediately logged in with your new password? Turn off password manager extensions and ensure that your browser isn't accessing an existing login cookie by opening the reset link in a private browsing (or "incognito") window. Learn how to clear your browser's cached data and other technical troubleshooting steps.

Where is my account confirmation email?

After enrolling in a school, a confirmation email is sent by Teachable to the email address you used to enroll or purchase the product.

If you are still logged in after enrollment, you will see a banner to confirm your account. If you do not see your confirmation email in your inbox, click the Resend Email button at the top of the banner. The link in the student confirmation email is valid for one week.

View after student has logged in where the confirm your account banner is still active at the top of the browser.

If you do not see the initial email or the re-sent email in your inbox, try checking your spam or junk folders. You can also use the “All Mail” view in your email to view all filtered emails.

TIP: Add Teachable emails to your email service’s safelist to prevent important emails moving to your spam or junk folders.

If you are still not able to gain access to the school in order to find the resend email link, please contact the School Owner.

I used the wrong email address/no longer have access to my email address.

If you enrolled with the wrong email address, you no longer have access to the original email address, or believe you may have misspelled your email address, reach out to the school owner first to request assistance enrolling under another email address. Learn more about contacting the school owner as a student.

If you have reached out to the owner, but have not received a response, please complete this form for support.

How do I login to the Teachable app?

In order to login to the Teachable app, you must have a Teachable Account connected to your school account. Additionally, the school owner must have Teachable Accounts enabled for their school. Learn more about logging in to the app as a student.

I’ve tried everything and still can’t log in; what should I do now?

If you are still experiencing login issues, this could indicate an issue with your browser or device. We recommend following the common technical troubleshooting.

If the troubleshooting guide does not resolve the login issue, please contact Teachable Support by completing this form

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