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This article goes over how to view, navigate, and interact with course content as a student who has enrolled in a course hosted by Teachable.

Understanding the Course Curriculum View

Once you’ve logged in to a school, click My Courses and then click a course to be taken to its course curriculum:


In the course sidebar, you can view the following information:

  • Course Progress - This progress bar displays the percentage of the course that you have completed.
  • Class Curriculum - This displays all of the sections and lectures in the course.
  • Your Instructor - This provides descriptions/bios of the individual(s) teaching the course.

Navigating Through Lectures

There are several ways you can navigate through a course. One way to start viewing a lecture is to click on the Start next lecture button at the top of the course curriculum. This will take you to the next uncompleted lecture in the course.


Alternatively, you can click the Start button next to each individual lecture to view them.


If a section of your course is marked with a clock icon, then the section has not been released yet; in other words, the school owner is “dripping” out this section over time. You’ll need to wait until the section is released by the school owner before you’ll be able to view it. Once this time has elapsed, you’ll receive an email notification from the school and you’ll be able to access the lectures in the section.


If a section of your course is marked with a lock icon, then you must complete all lecture content (e.g. a video or quiz) in sequential order, before progressing to these lectures.student-lecture-locked-course-compliance.png

If you do not complete a lecture video, then you’ll be unable to progress to the next lecture until you watch the entirety of the video:course-compliance-student-video-completion.png

If you do not achieve a passing grade on a quiz within a set number of retakes, then you will not be able to progress to the next lecture. Your school owner will receive an email notification indicating that you are not able to progress through the course and will have the option to reset your quiz score. If the school owner resets your quiz score, then you will receive an email notification indicating that you can retake the quiz.


Marking Your Course Progress

As you progress through lectures, click on the Complete and Continue button to mark the lecture as complete and move on to the next lecture in the course:


Afterwards, you’ll see a checkmark next to the completed lecture and your course progress percentage will increase. Incomplete lectures are denoted with an empty or a partially filled-in circle. Completed lectures are denoted with a checkmark. You can view individual lecture progress and course progress in the course sidebar here:


It’s important to note a few things as you mark your progress through a course:

  • Lectures will only be marked as complete if the Complete and continue button is clicked. If you navigate through the course by selecting individual lectures in the course sidebar, then the lectures will not be marked as complete.
  • You can still access lectures even if they are marked as complete. To do, click on the individual lecture in the course sidebar.
  • If you want to reset your course progress, you can contact your school owner and request that they reset your lecture progress. If the school does not have access to this feature, they can delete your existing account and then manually add/enroll you back in the course. This effectively “resets” your course progress.

Adjusting Lecture Video Settings

You can adjust the settings for lecture videos in your course by clicking on the gear icon:

  • Autoplay - When toggled, the first video lectures will automatically begin playing when you enter the lecture.
  • Autocomplete - When toggled, lectures will automatically be marked as complete when you finish the last video in the lecture.
  • Player - This allows you to select the type video player (HTML 5 or Flash) that you want to use while viewing lecture videos.
  • Speed- This allows you to select the speed at which you want the lecture videos to play.


Downloading Lecture Content

In some cases, you may have the option to download content directly from Teachable, depending on how the school owner has set up their course. If content is downloadable, it will be denoted with a paper clip symbol. Click on the download link to download the content:


Depending on your browser settings, the file will either download directly to your computer, or a new browser tab will open, where you can download the file to your computer.

Course files cannot be printed directly within Teachable. If you would like to print any course files, you will first need to download the file on your computer. Then, you can open the file directly on your computer using a third-party application (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Drive, or other word processing apps) and print the file from there.

Commenting On a Lecture

If a school owner has set up comments, then you’ll be able to comment on individual lectures.

To add a comment, scroll down to the bottom of the lecture to the Post a Comments section and click on the arrow icon to reply.


Add text into the Leave a Comment field and/or upload an image using the image uploader here:


An image uploader will appear, where you can select a file to upload to your comment.


Once you’ve finished adding text and images, click on the Post Comment to make your comment visible in the comments thread.

You can also go back and edit, delete or copy a direct link to your comment navigating back to the comments thread. Once you’ve found your comment, you’ll see these icons:


To edit a comment, click on the pencil icon. The text editor will appear once more and you’ll be able to enter new text or modify existing text. Click the Save Comment button when you’re finished editing.


To delete a comment, click on the “x” symbol. This will immediately delete your comment from the comments thread.


To copy a direct link to the comment, click on the link icon. A new window will open, where you can copy the URL in the address bar.


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