TeachableU is a training school created and curated by the Teachable team. This article goes over what TeachableU is, why it was created, and how to access it.


TeachableU was created by the Teachable team to provide additional resources to school owners on an active paid plan. TeachableU includes our most-updated training programs, as well as monthly live-streamed workshops with experts in a variety of industries.


Access TeachableU

If you are the primary owner of a school that is under a paid plan (Basic and up), then you will automatically be enrolled to TeachableU. You will retain access as long as you have an active paid Teachable subscription.

You can access TeachableU from your school's admin page by clicking the TeachableU icon on the sidebar:


Alternatively, you can navigate to u.teachable.com and click Login. On the following screen, enter the same credentials you would use to log in to your own school


Core Trainings

The Core Trainings on TeachableU are four courses created by the Teachable team to guide instructors through the primary phases of their course creation.

  • Choose Your Course Topic (we recommend starting here!)
  • Create Your Course
  • Launch Your Course
  • Build Your Audience


Accessing Partner Workshops

As part of TeachableU, you’ll have access to monthly live-streamed workshops that Teachable organizes with experts from various industries. To access the workshops, first log in to TeachableU. Afterwards, click the Partner Workshops course on the Courses page.


From there, you can see the Upcoming Workshops that the Teachable team has planned. Once you click on a workshop, there’ll be more details—as well as a link to add the event to your calendar.

On the actual day of the workshop, once again navigate to the workshop’s page or your calendar invite. There you’ll find a Zoom link you can use to join the workshop.


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