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This article goes over how to set up Teachable Payments for schools operating within the US and Canada. Teachable uses Stripe Express to process credit/debit card transactions. This allows school owners to receive their payouts faster and set their own payout schedules.


Teachable Payments is available for schools operating within the United States or Canada.

If you think you are eligible for Teachable Payments but are not able to go access it—or vice versa—you may have to change your country in your General Settings:


NOTE: If your school is ineligible for Teachable Payments or you have not set up Teachable Payments, then your school’s payments will be processed by the Monthly Payment Gateway.

Set Up Teachable Payments

Primary owners can set up how they accept card payments and receive payouts in the Settings > Payments section of their school admin.

To set up Teachable Payments, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Settings in the admin sidebar and navigate to the Payments section.
  2. Enter your phone number and click Set up Teachable Payments to start onboarding. You’ll be prompted to enter more details about your business, including your tax filing status, estimated earnings, etc. During onboarding, you can opt-in to BackOffice.admin-settings-payments-teachable-payments-onboarding.png
  3. Once you’ve set up your Teachable Payments account, you can access your Stripe Express dashboard by clicking View Payout Dashboard in Settings > Payments > Accepts Credit Cards.admin-settings-payments-accept-credit-card-payments-view-payout-dashboard.png

    To modify your personal details and payout information, select Account:teachable-payments-dashboard-account-admin.png

    To modify your Payout Details, click the edit icon. To update Personal Details—such as your name, date of birth, address, and social security number, and upload identity verification documents—click Update.teachable-payments-account-update-edit-buttons.png

    To upload identification documents, click the Verify Now button:teachable-payments-account-personal-details-verify-id_png.png

NOTE: Certain account details cannot be changed via your Stripe Express Dashboard. Contact Stripe support if you require assistance modifying further account details, such as your phone number, account type, business name, EIN, etc.

Stripe may email you asking for additional verification, such as a copy of your photo ID, SSN, etc. In most cases, you can finalize verification by going to Settings > Payments > View Payout Dashboard. In other cases, you may need to contact Stripe.


On Teachable Payments, credit/debit card transactions are paid out directly to your bank account via Stripe based on the payout schedule set by the primary owner of your school. For each payout sent to your Stripe Express account, Teachable charges a $0.25 fee. Credit/debit card transactions are paid out on business days (excluding weekends and US banking holidays) in USD. For example, if your course is priced in Euros, you'll still be paid out in USD.

Payout Schedule

With Teachable Payments, you can receive your payouts daily, weekly, or monthly:

  • Daily - Earnings and unlocked reserves are distributed daily, however, transactions are processed on a 2-day (business) rolling period. For example, payments received on a Tuesday are paid out by Thursday, and payments received on a Friday are paid out by Tuesday.
  • Weekly - Earnings and unlocked reserves are distributed every Thursday.
  • Monthly - Earnings and unlocked reserves are distributed every 30 days on the first business day of the month.

Once you make your first sale on Teachable Payments, it will take 7 - 14 business days to receive your first payout. After you receive your first payout, any subsequent payout will occur in accordance with the schedule you've specified (i.e daily, weekly or monthly).

Payouts Breakdown

To view additional information about your Teachable Payments payouts, navigate to Sales > Payouts. In Payouts, you can view all of the transactions included in or deducted from your payouts. The amount of your payout is comprised of any earnings, unlocked reserves, refunds, and chargebacks you received since your last payout.


The Date column refers to the date you can expect the payout to arrive to your bank account, while the Status column displays what state your payout is currently in. For example, if a payout is due in a few days, then the status of the payout will be In Transit. If they payout has already arrived to your bank account, then the status will be Paid. If Teachable was not able to pay you out, then the status will be Failed.

Click on the individual payout to view a breakdown of each transaction included in your payout. In Payout Details, you can also view refunds and chargebacks deducted from the payout:


To sort transactions, select from the following filters:

      • Earnings - Select a range from the drop-down menu and enter a value to sort transactions based on earnings amounts.
      • Event - Select from the drop-down menu to sort transactions by event type:
        1. Earnings - The transaction generated earnings for the payee.
        2. Refund - The transaction was partially or fully refunded.
        3. Chargeback - The transaction was disputed by the purchaser.
        4. Manual - The earnings were adjusted by Teachable. In the rare occasion when a payout must be adjusted, Teachable will contact the payee beforehand.
        5. Party Change - The transaction was retroactively credited to a different user (e.g. transactions credited to deleted authors/affiliates will be paid out to the primary owner of the school).
        6. Reconciliation - The earnings for a specific transaction were adjusted by Teachable. In the rare occasion when a payout must be adjusted, Teachable will contact the payee beforehand.
      • Transaction ID - Enter a unique transaction ID to sort by specific transactions.

Authors and Affiliates

Primary owners receive all earnings, including author and affiliate commissions. As a result, it’s up to them to distribute the appropriate payouts to your school’s authors and affiliates. School owners can use their school’s transaction reports to determine how much to pay out each author and affiliate.

Alternatively, if you enable BackOffice, then Teachable automatically distributes payouts to your authors and affiliates for you every 30 days (on the first business day of the month). On BackOffice, Teachable will also automatically collect the necessary tax forms from your authors and affiliates.



In order to account for refunds, chargebacks, and fraudulent charges, Teachable withholds a 10% reserve from each card transaction (after all fees and commissions). Reserves ensure that your school will not be in debt if chargebacks or refunds are issued.

In accordance with your school’s payout schedule, reserves are paid out to your primary owner 45 days after the transaction took place. For example, if you set a weekly payout schedule, then any unlocked reserves will be paid out in the next upcoming weekly payment.

In the case of a refund or chargeback, Teachable will deduct the amount of the transaction from your school’s reserves and from your next payout (if your reserves do not cover the refunded transaction). In the case of a chargeback, Teachable will also deduct a $15 chargeback fee, along with the amount of the original transaction.

You can view when each reserve is due to be paid out in the Sales > Reserves page:

  1. Total Withheld Reserves- The total amount of reserves that will be paid out incrementally over the course of the next 45 days. This is a rolling number, and assuming your school continues to have sales, will continue to change daily.
  2. Reserves Unlocked Today- The total amount of reserves unlocked today that will be paid out to your school in your next payout.
  3. Reserves Unlocked The total number of reserves that have been unlocked on that date.
  4. Unlocked Amount - The total amount, in USD, of the reserves that have been unlocked and paid out on that date.

Transaction Fees

If your student pays using a credit or debit card, then their payment will be processed by Stripe. Depending on whether or not you’ve opted-in to BackOffice, each transaction processed by Teachable Payments is subject to the following transaction fees:






Processing Fees

Payout Fees

Teachable Payments

10% + $1




2.9% + 30¢
(US PayPal/card fee)

3.9% + 30¢
(International card fee)

4.4% + 30¢
(International PayPal fee)

25¢ per payout

Teachable Payments
With BackOffice

10% + $1 + 2%

5% + 2%



2.9% + 30¢
(US PayPal/card fee)

3.9% + 30¢
(International card fee)

4.4% + 30¢
(International PayPal fee)

25¢ per payout

Enable PayPal Payments

There are two ways that you can offer PayPal as a payment option for your students on Teachable Payments: enabling PayPal through BackOffice or setting up PayPal as a custom payment gateway.

Enable PayPal Using the Monthly Payment Gateway (Basic plan and up)

You can allow students to make purchases using PayPal by enabling PayPal using the Monthly Payment Gateway. All PayPal payments processed by Teachable’s Monthly Payment Gateway, therefore, primary owners are paid out to their PayPal account every 30 days (on the first business day of the month). If you enable BackOffice, then Teachable will pay out your authors and affiliates every 30 days.

In order to enable the PayPal, ensure that you’ve opted-in to BackOffice and then complete the following steps:

  1. Click Settings in the admin sidebar and navigate to the Payments section.
  2. In the Accept PayPal Payments section, turn on the Allow students to make purchases using PayPal toggle.
  3. Enter your PayPal email address and click Save.

Enable PayPal Using Custom Payment Gateways (Professional plan and up)

Alternatively, if you are on the Professional plan and up, you can set up PayPal as a custom payment gateway in addition to processing credit/debit card payments through Teachable Payments. You’ll be paid out directly by PayPal and will be subject to their fees and stipulations.

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