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This article goes over how to manage any course and site pages you've created on your Teachable school.

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NOTE: This article does not cover managing Coaching. For more on that topic, please visit this article.

Course Pages

By default, your courses come with a sales page, a checkout page, and a thank you page. A course can only have a singular checkout and thank you page, but you can create up to ten sales pages for each course.

You can see a table of all your course's pages by going to the course's respective Pages section:


There, you'll see a list of all your course's pages along with the following information:

  • Page Title  - The title you've given to your page. This can be edited by going to the page editor and clicking the settings icon. 
  • Page URL - The URL you've given to your page. This can be edited by going to the page editor and clicking the settings icon.
  • Editor Version - The page editor version used to create this page. Pages can only be edited using the page editor version that created the page. 
  • State  - Displays whether your page is published (i.e. accessible to the public) or unpublished.

Click the Edit page icon (edit_page_icon.png) to be taken to the page editor. Similarly, clicking the More Options icon presents these options:


  • Unpublish Page - Take a published page and make it inaccessible to the public.    
  • Publish Saved Changes - Publish any changes you've made in the page editor, but have not yet published to your live page.
  • Copy URL Link - Copy the page URL for your Sales or Thank You page.
  • Duplicate Page - Only available for sales pages. Create a copy of your sales page.
  • Rename Page Title - Rename your Sales or Thank You page.
  • Rename Page URL - Rename the URL of your Sales or Thank You page. If you rename the URL of your sales page, your checkout page URL will automatically update for users as well. You can confirm this by previewing your checkout page
  • Make Page Primary - Only for sales pages. Designate the page as your primary sales page—more on that in the section below.
  • Delete Page - Delete the page. You'll be asked to confirm before deletion.

Multiple Sales Pages

Each course on your school can have up to 25 sales pages. To add a new sales page, go to your course's Pages section and click the Add New Sales Page button—note that any new sales page will be created using page editor 2.0:add_new_sales_page.png

If you create more than one sales page for a course, you'll have to designate one of them as your primary sales page. Primary sales pages are the landing page that will be whenever your course is listed using a  featured course block, course bundle block, or in the course directory. You can designate a primary sales page by clicking the More Options button and then Make Page Primary:


Site Pages

Site pages appear to anyone who visits your site and can be modified or added in Site > Pages. The preset Site pages are the homepage, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use. You can also add custom pages in this area.

To modify your site pages, click the green external editor icon site_editor_button.png to open the page editor. Once you open the page editor, you can modify details such as the Page Title and URL from the page settings

Publish/Unpublish Site Pages

To make a page live and accessible to users, click Publish. A notification will appear indicating that the page is published and accessible to visitors.


To deactivate a page and make it inaccessible to users, click Unpublish. A notification will appear indicating that the page is deactivated and no longer accessible to visitors.

Delete a Site Page

To delete a page altogether, click the red trash icon. Click OK to confirm the deletion. A notification will appear indicating that the page is permanently deleted.


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