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This article goes over how to manage school and product pages on your Teachable school.

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NOTE: Some navigational differences may appear in your school's admin due to recent design updates from those displayed in the video above.


Within your school, you will find two primary page types: School Pages and Product Pages.

School Pages are pages accessible throughout your entire website, or school, and not associated with any specific product.

Product Pages exist only within a particular product you create - these products will include your courses, coaching, and bundles. 


School Pages

School pages are managed in the Site > Pages area of your admin under the School Pages tab.

By default, your school starts with three school pages: a homepage, a privacy policy page, and a terms of use page. You can also create your own custom pages, like an About Us page.

You can have up to 25 school pages.

Create/Edit School Pages

To create a new school page, click the +Add New Page button at the bottom of the School Pages tab. 

NOTE: For schools with access to Page Editor 1.0 (created before September 18th, 2019), you will see a pop-up with the option to create a new page using either Page Editor 1.0 or Page Editor 2.0. Schools after this date will be sent directly to the Page Editor 2.0.

Not sure which page editor you are using? Learn more about our page editor options and how to tell them apart


To edit or update an existing school page, click on the Edit icon to the right of the page. Once inside, you can use the Page Editor to make changes. Learn more about utilizing blocks to customize your pages on Page Editor 2.0.

To preview how the page will look to visitors, click the Preview button (eye icon) to the right of the Edit button.

To add a newly created school page to your site’s navigation bar at the top of your school, go to Site > Navigation. Read more about customizing your school’s navigation.


Publish/Unpublish a School Page

To Publish or Unpublish a page, click the More options icon under Actions. A notification will appear indicating that the page is published and accessible to visitors or unpublished and no longer accessible to visitors.



Delete a School Page

To delete a school page, click the More options icon and click Delete Page. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click Delete to confirm the page deletion. Please note that this action is permanent.



More School Page Options

Within the More options tab, you can also do the following actions:

  • Copy URL Link - Copy the URL for your school page to share.
  • Rename Page Title - Change the name of your school page as it appears in your admin.
  • Rename Page URL - Change the URL link to your page.
  • Duplicate Page - Create a copy of your school page (this will also duplicate the page editor of the original page).

Product Pages

Within your school, you can create courses, coaching, and bundle products. Each product is a unique item and will have specific product pages (sales, checkout, and thank you page) that are linked only to that product.

These pages can be found in the Pages tab within the specific product or within the Products Pages tab in your Site > Pages area of your admin.  


Edit Product Pages

In Site > Pages, click on the Product Pages tab and use the drop down menu to select an existing product you'd like to edit. 


By default, your products will already have a sales, checkout, and thank you page. Course products can have up to 25 sales pages, while Coaching and Bundle products only have one. To add a new course sales page, click the +Add New Page button. Below you can read more about creating and using multiple sales pages for course products.

To edit existing product pages, click on the Edit button to the right of the page. Just like with School Pages, clicking the Edit button will navigate you to the Page Editor to make changes.

NOTE: For coaching products, the post-intake form will display under the Sales Page header. Read more about creating and setting up your coaching product.


More Product Page Options

As with school pages, you can preview your sales and thank you pages by clicking the Preview button (eye icon) to the right of the Edit button.

You can also click the More options button and see a variety of actions, including:

  • Unpublish or Publish Page - Make a sales page either accessible or inaccessible to visitors.
  • Copy URL Link - Copy the page URL for your sales page.
  • Rename Page Title - Rename your Sales or Thank You page.
  • Rename Page URL - Rename the URL of your Sales or Thank You page. If you rename the URL of your sales page, your checkout page URL will automatically update for users as well. You can confirm this by previewing your checkout page.
  • Make Primary Page - Only available for course sales pages. Designate the page that will act as your default sales page for visitors.
  • Delete Page - Delete the page. You'll be asked to confirm before deletion as this action cannot be undone.
  • Duplicate Page - Only available for course sales pages. Create a copy of your sales page (this will also duplicate your page editor).

NOTE: Each pricing option for a product has its own unique checkout page. To see a preview of your product’s checkout, click on the pricing option within that product. Read more about managing pricing for your products.

Multiple Sales Pages

Each course product in your school can have up to 25 sales pages. To add a new sales page, go to either Site > Pages > Product Pages or your course's Pages tab and click the +Add New Sales Page button—note that any new sales page will be created using page editor 2.0 by default:


If you create more than one sales page for a course, you'll have to designate one of them as your primary sales page. Primary sales pages are the landing page that students will see when navigating through the featured course block, course bundle block, or in the course directory. You can designate a primary sales page by clicking the More options button and then Make Page Primary:


Each sales page has its own unique Page URL, which can be quickly copied and shared with your students with the Copy URL button in the More options tab. Copying a url saves it to your clipboard and can be pasted externally to other sites, emails, or social media.

NOTE: Multiple sales pages are only available for course products.

Additional Resources

Beyond pages, you can manage additional site and product features, including navigation, themes, and more. Here are some resources to help continue customizing your school:

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