Student Email Notifications

This article goes over automated student email notifications, and which ones school owners have the option to disable.


Upon certain events, your school will automatically send emails to your students. Some of these emails—such as purchase notifications, failed payment notifications, etc.—cannot be disabled. However, other automated student email notifications can be disabled. This may be useful if you'd like to use a third-party email service provider to run your emails.

To get to your school's student email notifications, log in to your school and go to Emails.  Then click Settings in the lefthand sidebar.

Student Email Notifications

The following email notifications can be disabled, meaning that they will no longer automatically be sent to your students when triggered:


  • Certificates of Completion - This email is sent to a student whenever they complete a course that has an active certificate of completion.  
  • Comments - This email is sent to a student whenever a lecture discussion they're part of has received a new comment.
  • Drip Content - This email is sent to a student whenever they've been given access to a new lecture section via drip.
  • Confirmation Instructions - This email is sent to students when they need to confirm their accounts. If you manually import students and set their passwords on their behalf, students will not receive an account confirmation email. Instead, they can just login with the password you created for them. Please note that if you disable this email notification and plan to manually enroll students (e.g. bulk uploading, setting up Zapier triggers, etc.), you will need to set a password for your students. Otherwise, they will be unable to access their accounts.
  • Automatic Course Unenrollment Notification - This email is sent to students when their access expires to a course with a limited course access duration.
  • Free Product Receipt - This email is sent to a users that enroll—or are enrolled—into a free course.
  • Double Opt-In for Leads - This email is sent to leads when they fill out an Email Leads form on one of your school pages. Once they verify their email address, they will be added to your Users > Leads list.

To edit the templates or contents for these emails, please see this Knowledge Base article

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