Product Pricing Plans

This article goes over how to set prices for your products, what pricing plans are available, and how to manage your pricing plans.


There are 4 pricing plans on Teachable: Free, One-Time Purchase, Subscriptions, and Payment Plans.

Your product can have as many pricing plans as you want, and you can set the price to the nearest cent if applicable by currency. All product prices must have a minimum of $0.99 USD. For a list of minimum prices by currency, please see the table below

Course Pricing

To access a course's Pricing page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Teachable school.
  2. Click Courses, then choose the course for which you want to set the price. 
  3. Click Pricing from the navigation bar on the left. 

After adding pricing options, be sure to add a Pricing block on your sales page editor to display the pricing options you created.

If a course has no pricing plan—or if all pricing plans have been archived—then the course will be closed for enrollment. In this case, your sales page will show that your course has been closed for enrollment:

A course homepage with a message that states This course is closed for enrollment

Coaching Pricing

To access a coaching Pricing page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Teachable school.
  2. Click Coaching, choose the coaching session for which you want to set the price. 
  3. Click Pricing from the navigation bar on the left.

After adding pricing options, be sure to add a Pricing block on your sales page editor to display the pricing options you created.

Pricing options 

Once you're on your product's Pricing page, click the Add Pricing Plan button. You'll then have to choose which pricing plan you want to add:

  • Free - Students can fully access your product by signing up for an account. There is no price.
  • One-Time Purchases - Students can fully access your product by paying a singular amount.
  • Subscriptions - Students will have access to your product as long as they continue to pay their fee. You can set your subscription to charge a user every week, two weeks, month, three months, six months, or yearly. Billing cycle dates are determined based on the date the student enrolls. 
  • Payment Plans - Students will pay a set amount of monthly fees (maximum of 36 months) for full access to your product. You can prevent students from cancelling their payment plans from the Settings > Roles > Main Roles > Student Permissions menu.


Once you settle on a pricing plan, you'll have the option to fill in the following information about your new pricing plan:

  • Price - Use the dropdown menu to specify your currency, then enter the desired price of your product. Please note that your price must be at least $0.99 USD. If you are using a different currency, you will receive an error if your specified price converts to less than $1.00 USD.
  • Name - The name of the pricing plan itself. This will always appear on your product's checkout page, and may appear on the Sales Page if you have multiple pricing plans.
  • Subtitle - A brief description below the name to attract attention and/or briefly explain the pricing tier. This will appear on your product's Sales Page if you have multiple pricing plans.
  • Detailed Description - A description of the features and benefits of the product. This will appear on your product's Sales Page if you have multiple pricing plans.

If you are adding a Subscription or Payment Plan pricing plan, you'll have to specify the frequency your fee is to be charged. Similarly, if you are adding a Payment Plan, you'll have to specify how many months of payment are required.

NOTE: Students that purchase a subscription with a billing cadence greater than one month will receive an email reminder 30 days before each subsequent charge.


Once finished, click Add Pricing to add the pricing plan to your product.

NOTE: Subscription charges are processed by whichever payment gateway is active at the time of sale. However, subsequent subscription charges will be based on the initial subscription charge. This means that students will be billed the same amount for each subsequent charge. For example, if VAT was disabled at the time of purchase, then VAT will not be charged if you were to enable VAT collection after the initial subscription charge.

If you want to give your students direct access to enroll in a product and purchase, you can use the Copy URL function, shown on the product's Pricing page below. Just click the Copy URL text and paste the link in the communication tool of your choice. 


You can edit the Name, Subtitle, and Detailed Description of a pricing option at any time by clicking the Edit icon. Details such as price, currency, and pricing type cannot be edited. If you would like to change any of those details, you can archive the original pricing option and create a new one.


Subscription free trials

If you choose the subscription pricing option for your product, you have the option to include a free trial period with the subscription.

To add a free trial to a subscription, click Add Pricing Plan and then choose Subscription. After filling out the subscription details, toggle on the Includes a free trial setting and enter in a number for how many free days you would like included.


Students will receive an email reminder seven days before the free trial ends. This email template is available to be edited in the email template editor.

If a student would like to cancel their subscription before the trial period ends, they can do so by following the instructions in this article.

In a free trial, students will be charged the subscription price the day after the trial period ends. Once the trial period is over, the student will continue to be billed according to the billing cycle you set up for the subscription (i.e., every week, two weeks, month, three months, six months, or yearly).

If the billing attempt after a free trial fails for a monthly or annual recurring payment, then payment for will be re-tried an additional three times (for a total of four charge attempts) on the 3rd, 7th, and 14th day after the first attempt. Weekly payments will be re-tried an additional two times on the 3rd and 7th day after the first attempt. If all attempts failed, the student will be automatically unenrolled from the course.

Reorder pricing plans (courses only)

If you have multiple pricing plans associated with your product, then you can reorder how they appear on your product sales page and product directory. To do so, click and drag pricing plans above or below one another:


For example, if the first pricing plan is a subscription for $10/month, then the product will appear as $10/month in your product directory:


It will also appear as the first pricing option on your product sales page, along with the other pricing options:


NOTE: Coaching and bundle pricing cannot be reordered within the Pricing tab at this time. The first price listed in the Pricing tab is the price displayed on the Product Directory.

Archive and restore pricing plans

You can archive a pricing plan at any time. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the Pricing tab of the product.
  2. Click the Delete (i.e., trash can) icon next to a specific pricing plan.


This will not impact any students who have already enrolled via that pricing plan—even recurring/subscription plans. Students on payment plans and subscription plans will continue to be charged as normal. Note that archiving a pricing plan will also archive any coupons associated with that pricing plan.

Pricing plans cannot be archived if tied to an upsell—trying to do so will result in an error message. To archive the pricing plan, delete or remove the pricing plan from the upsell. You can see the URL slug of the Thank You page the pricing plan is tied to in the text of the error message.

You can also restore pricing plans that you have previously archived. To restore a pricing plan:

  1. Navigate to the Pricing tab of the product.
  2. Click the Show archived pricing plans button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Restore plan for the pricing plan you want to restore.


If you restore a pricing plan with an enrollment cap, the enrollment cap count will reset to 0.

Display VAT-inclusive pricing

By default, VAT-inclusive pricing is automatically displayed on your product sales pages and listed as a line item in the order summary of your checkout pages.

You can manage VAT collection in the Settings > Taxes section of your school admin.

Learn more about VAT on Teachable in this article.

Pricing currency minimums

USD  0.99
AED  4
AFN 80
ALL 115
AMD 500
AOA 500
ARS 75
AUD 1.70
AZN 1.75
BDT 90
BIF 2000
BND 1.5
BSD  1
BWP 13
BZD  2
CAD 1.4
CDF  1800
CLP 900
COP 4000
CRC 575 
CVE 100
CZK 25
DJF 180
DOP 50
DZD 125
EGP 16
ETB 35
EUR 0.99
FJD 2.5
GBP 0.99
GMD 52
GNF 10000
GYD 210
HNL 25
HTG 100
HUF 310
IDR 15000
ILS 3.75
INR 80
ISK 140
JMD 135
JPY 110
KES 105
KGS 75
KHR 4000
KMF 450
KRW 1250
KZT 400
LAK 9000
LBP 1500
LKR 200
LRD 200
LSL 17
MAD 10
MDL 18
MGA 3800
MKD 60
MNT 3000
MOP 8.2
MRO 40
MUR 40
MVR 16
MWK 750
MXN 25
MYR 4.5
MZN 70
NAD 20
NGN 375
NIO 40
NOK 10
NPR 120
NZD 1.7
PEN 3.75
PGK 3.5
PHP 55
PKR 170
PYG 6800
QAR 3.75
RON 4.5
RSD 110
RUB 80
RWF 1000
SAR 3.75
SBD 8.5
SCR 14
SEK 10
SGD 1.5
SLL 10000
SOS 600
SRD 7.5
STD 1.5
SVC 8.8
SZL 17
THB 34
TJS 10
TOP 2.4
TRY 6.5
TTD 6.8
TWD 32
TZS 2350
UAH 28
UGX 3800
UYU 45
UZS 10000
VND 24000
VUV 120
XAF 620
XCD 2.75
XOF 600
XPF 120
YER 250
ZAR 17
ZMW 17
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