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This article explains how to get started with coaching by creating and managing a coaching product, setting it up in your Teachable site, and creating an intake form.


On your Teachable site, you can create a variety of product types, including courses, bundles, digital downloads, and coaching. Coaching allows you to manage one-on-one coaching relationships by scheduling time, scheduling video calls, and sharing assignments with your clients.

Coaching products are made up of milestones. Milestones can be used to schedule meetings, set up video calls, or send messages and files within a coaching product. Milestones indicate what clients can expect next as they progress through the coaching product.

Create a Coaching product

To create a coaching product on your school:

  1. From the Admin page of your Teachable site, you can go to the Coaching page and click Create New Coaching. Alternatively, you can click the plus (+) icon next to Products or click the Create New Product button in the top right corner of the dashboard.
  2. The Getting Started wizard will launch. First, give your coaching service a name. Click Next.
  3. You’ll be asked to set a client intake flow. Intake flows determine how you accept new clients for coaching. You have three options:

Intake Type



New clients can go directly to checkout and sign up.

With an intake form

New clients fill out an intake form and go immediately to checkout.

With an intake form and your approval

New clients fill out an intake form and wait for your approval before checkout.

  1. Choose your intake type and click Next.
  2. Create a pricing plan for your coaching product. You'll be able to create additional pricing plans later in the Pricing tab. Click Next.
  3. Select a start date for your first milestone. The first milestone is what clients will see when they enroll in the product.You can choose the enrollment date or a fixed date to begin coaching. Click Next.
  4. Finally, add information about the first milestone. You can add a Title, Description, and Calendar link .If you chose “On a fixed date” on the previous screen, you can add a Video call link as well. Click Save and Continue. This will publish your coaching, but will not make it visible yet. Details on how to make it visible are in the next section below
  5. If you want to provide a URL to your students for enrollment, click the Pages menu for your coaching, then click the ellipse ... next to your coaching sales page and choose Copy URL Link.  

NOTE: Adding a calendar or meeting link is optional. To add a calendar later, see the Managing Clients and Scheduling Sessions article.

To preview what the first milestone looks like to enrolled clients, you can click the Preview button in the top right corner of the Template or Clients page.


Manage a Coaching product

Once you've created a coaching product, you can find it and any others you create in the Coaching index page. Clicking into a coaching product will take you to its Information page. From there, you can change the name, instructor, and thumbnail of your product.

NOTE: This thumbnail image will also appear in featured products, upsells in the lecture and thank you pages, and enrolled view for clients. It will also show within the Course Directory page if the coaching product is set to "visible".


This is also where you would go to delete your coaching product. This is where more advanced settings, like integrations, also exist. If you have a paid Calendly account, you can add in your calendly API key, which will allow you to view appointments within your students’ spaces.

If you want to showcase your coaching product on the All Courses section of your school, you can click the Make Visible button. This will make your coaching product visible in a Featured Products block and on your school's All Courses area. Note that if you keep your coaching product hidden, it acts as a private product listing and anyone you share the sales page/checkout link with will still be able to purchase it. You can always sell coaching privately by sharing this direct link.


To see your coaching product's pricing plans—or to create a new one—go to the Pricing page. Click the Add Pricing Plan button to add a free, one-time purchase, subscription, or payment plan to your coaching product. Note that priced coaching products may be purchased more than once by the same user—free products can only be enrolled in once.

NOTE: Coaching is not subject to Teachable's 30-day student refund policy. As such, we highly recommend you add your own refund policy to your coaching sales page. There is an FAQ block in your coaching sales page to allow for this.


In order to ensure your pricing plans show up on your coaching product, perform the following steps:

  1. Click into your coaching product from the Coaching index page.
  2. Click the Pages link on the left-hand panel.
  3. Click the Edit button next to your coaching product.
  4. Click on the Pricing page block, if it exists. If you need to add the block, click Add New Block and choose Pricing, then click Add. (The first pricing plan you added in the Pricing tab will be shown by default.)
  5. Under "Select a Pricing Plan", choose however many pricing plans you want to add to this coaching. The display panel on the right will automatically update as you add pricing.
  6. Click Update in the top right corner.


Much like a course, coaching services come with three default pages: a sales page, a thank you page, and a checkout page. The method of creating/editing your pages does not differ for coaching.

To edit a page title or URL, click the page Edit Page icon. Then, you can edit the page title or URL from the Settings icon.


There is an additional page for coaching called the post-intake page. This page is used when an intake form is created on your sales page. This topic is covered below.

CAUTION: Be sure to select a pricing plan on your post-intake page, otherwise when students click on your coaching product, they will see "This coaching is not available for purchase."

Create an intake form

An intake form is a page editor block that is unique to coaching sales pages.

To create a intake form block:

  1. Go to your coaching product's sales page editor, click Add New Block, and then select the Intake Form block.
  2. After you create the block, use the Intake Flow buttons to choose whether you want a Intake without approval form (users can go directly to the post intake page with all of your pricing options), or a Intake with approval form (users must be approved within the admin before going to the post intake page).
  3. Use the text fields on the left-hand side block editor to customize the intake form for your business. You can customize the heading text, description text, Submit button text (CTA text), as well as the labels for the form (Input 1 and Input 2). You cannot change Email Address as it is required for the intake process. When you are finished making changes, click Update.


Once your intake form is live, you can collect information from prospective clients through it. Whenever a client submits information through a intake form, you can find their submissions in the Prospective tab in your coaching product's Clients page. If the client has paid for coaching after submitting the intake form, they’ll show up in the Enrolled tab.

If you've created a intake without approval, you'll see the submitted email address, intake date, payment status, and the information submitted through the form:


If you've created an intake with approval form, this is where you can review prospective clients and approve/deny them for checkout and enrollment into your coaching. If approved, the user will be emailed a link to the post intake form page.


Coaching email notifications

There are several automatic email notifications, for both school admins and clients, associated with the purchase and managing of a coaching product.

Email notifications sent to owners/authors are:

Type of Email Description
New enrollment notifications Sent to primary school owners and authors when a user enrolls in a coaching product. This email template is available to edit in Emails > Template Editor.
Intake form submission notification Sent to primary school owners when a user submits an intake form. This email will contain the contents of a user’s responses to the intake form.

New Milestone message notification

Sent to primary school owners and authors when a client adds a message on a milestone. This email will display the content of the client’s message, as well as have a link to the client’s coaching and Milestone page. You must be opted-in to receive this notification.

Email notifications sent to clients are:

Type of Email Description
Copy of intake responses Sent to a user after they submit an intake form. This confirms the intake form was submitted correctly and contains a copy of the user’s responses.
Intake approval notification Sent to a user if their intake form is approved. The email contains a link to the post-intake page, where the user can then enroll in the coaching product.
Receipt Sent to a client after they successfully purchase and enroll in a coaching product. This email template is available to edit in Emails > Template Editor.
New Milestone added notification Sent to a client when a new Milestone is added to their coaching space. This email contains a link to the client’s coaching page. Clients must be opted-in to emails to receive this notification.
New Milestone message notification Sent when a school owner or author adds a message on a milestone. This email will display the content of their message, as well as have a link to the client’s coaching and Milestone page. Clients must be opted-in to emails to receive this notification.

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