Use Zoom With Coaching

This article explains how to set up Zoom for use with your Coaching service.

CAUTION: This content is in beta only. Functionality is not in production for all users.


Creators with Coaching service who want to use Zoom to meet with their clients can now launch and record meetings from the Teachable app. These recordings can then be accessed in the Milestone for that meeting. 

Authorize Zoom

  1. When you add a Zoom URL as a Coaching meeting for your client in a Milestone, you will be prompted to authorize Zoom. 
  2. Click Authorize Zoom, which will take you to the Zoom app.zoom_testing_auth_zoom.png
  3. Within the Zoom app, click Authorize to allow access to your Zoom account.zoom_testing_auth_zoom_2.png
  4. Once Zoom is successfully authorized, you will be brought back to the Teachable app and shown a success message.zoom_testing_auth_success.png


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