Share What You Know™ 2020 Summit FAQ

To help answer any potential questions you may have about the Share What You Know™ 2020 summit, we've prepared some FAQs below.

What is the “Share What You Know™ (SWYK) 2020” summit event?

The Share What You Know 2020 virtual summit is a three-day online event from September 22 to September 24, 2020.

Over the course of three days, there will be daily webinars and live panels with leading industry experts. The event is for anybody who is interested in turning knowledge into income—whether that’s through online course creation, coaching, scaling an online business, freelancing, or exploring other new revenue streams.

The Share What You Know 2020 summit is a ticketed event. Whether you have an existing Teachable account or not, you must purchase a ticket to attend.

You can purchase a ticket, as well as see more details on the event, via the registration page below:

Share What You Know 2020 - Registration

How do I purchase a ticket to attend?

Tickets are available for purchase directly from the event registration page:

Share What You Know 2020 - Registration

Once you enter in your email address on the registration page, you will be brought to a checkout page where you can fill out your payment details. Accepted payment methods are PayPal, credit/debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover), and Apple/Google Pay (when available on your device).


After you’ve successfully purchased a ticket and registered for the event, you’ll receive a confirmation email titled “Ticket Receipt for Share What You Know™ 2020 Summit."

I’m having trouble registering/purchasing a ticket.

Most checkout page issues are the result of some payment information entered being incorrect or incomplete. As a first step, please double check the details entered to try your purchase again.

It’s important to make sure that you add your email and name to the Account Information area of the checkout page.

If you have a browser setting to autofill your payment details, make sure all information selected is correct, including your location.

If the issue continues, please review our purchasing troubleshooting steps, including using an alternate browser or payment method. More information on these troubleshooting steps is available in our Knowledge Base article here.

I purchased a ticket, but I did not receive a ticket receipt email.

If you did not receive a confirmation, first confirm that your purchase of a ticket was successful by checking any banking or PayPal statements for the transaction. If you did not have a successful transaction, it is possible that your checkout was not successful. If so, you can purchase a ticket from the registration page:

Share What You Know 2020 - Registration

If you’ve confirmed the purchase and do not see the ticket receipt in your email, please check secondary folders for emails from Teachable—the ticket receipt email is sent from, and additional summit reminders are sent from

Be sure to check any spam/junk, promotions, updates, and “all mail” folders—and then move any Teachable-related emails from those folders to the primary inbox. This will communicate to the email service provider that these are trusted senders.

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

You may cancel your SWYK summit registration for a full refund until 11:59pm US Eastern Time on September 21, 2020. After that time, all registration fees are non-refundable.

To cancel your registration and receive a refund, please contact us at

How do I join the event?/What is the event schedule?

The email titled Ticket Receipt for Share What You Know™ 2020 Summit is your ticket receipt email. You can click the “See schedule & swag bag” button to view an outline containing the schedule and event links.



The second email titled Schedule & Swag Bag: Share What You Know™ 2020 contains additional details about the upcoming summit events. You can click the schedule link in this email to view the schedule outline, which will contain links to join the live events.

Are replays available?

Replays will be available to all registrants who purchase a ticket. Replays will be available until October 9th, 2020 (with the exception of Gary Vaynerchuk’s live Q&A, which will be available until September 26th, 2020).

Replay links will be added directly to the schedule page, which will be emailed to you upon registration.

Is closed captioning available?

There will not be live captions during the event, but the replays will have captions available. Replays are generally posted on the schedule page 48-72 hours after the event ends.

What is “Night School” and how do I access it?

Night School is a collection of on-demand pre-recorded webinars with industry experts. The Night School sessions will be released each night of the summit, starting September 22, at 7:00 PM EST. These webinars will be available to summit registrants until October 9, 2020.

You will be emailed with access links for Night School events. Alternatively, click the schedule button from your initial receipt email, where you can also access the Night School recordings.

What is the “virtual swag bag” and how do I access it?

Once you register for SWYK 2020, you will receive access to a virtual swag bag. This swag bag includes various business-building benefits, with offers and discounts from Teachable partners including ConvertKit, Tailor Brands, and more.

You will receive an email with access links for your virtual swag bag once you register for the summit.

You must redeem the swag bag offers by December 31, 2020.

Are there other bonuses available?/How do I receive the bonuses?

If you upgrade to a paid Teachable plan during the SWYK 2020 summit event, you will receive access to a bonus bundle. Exact details of the bonus bundle will be revealed during the live events, but you can expect to receive access to some high-value courses that will help you to further build your online business and revenue.

You’ll receive access to the bonuses as long as you purchase a paid Teachable plan when the event offer becomes available.

I already have a paid Teachable plan. Can I receive these bonuses?

All existing customers on a paid Teachable plan will receive access to the bonus bundle. You will be able to access the bundle by logging in with your Teachable account to TeachableU. You can learn more about accessing TeachableU in this article.

Replays of the SYWK 2020 summit, Night School recordings, and the virtual swag bag will only be available to users who purchased a ticket to the event.

I still have a question or concern that was not answered here.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can reach out to our support team directly at 

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