Troubleshooting School Issues

This article reviews issues a user might experience while creating courses or setting up their Teachable school and provides basic troubleshooting steps.

Changes I made are not saving.

When working in your school admin or pages, be sure to Save or Update your pages when given the option to do so.


If you have saved changes but do not see the changes reflecting on your site, it is possible that you need to do a hard refresh on your browser to see updated changes.

Theme colors are not updating.

When you update any colors from the Site > Theme menu, the new colors should display in your school within a few minutes.

If colors are not updating as expected, it is possible there is a caching error. To resolve this, save your Site > Theme color(s) to black (#000000), and then back to your desired colors.


If you are using Page Editor 2.0, some theme colors can be overridden directly on the page editor. Each block in Page Editor 2.0 has a Design tab where you can choose color settings on a block-by-block basis. If your site colors are not the options you selected from Site > Theme, it is possible that you have overridden those colors on your page editor.


NOTE: If you copy and paste text from other sources into Teachable, it is possible that you will bring over color formatting from your original source. We recommend pasting your content into Teachable without formatting, or typing your content directly into Teachable.

My course says that it is closed for enrollment.

If you are seeing a "this course is closed for enrollment" message on your sales page, check your course Pricing page to ensure that you have set up pricing options for your course.

If you do not have any pricing options available, students will not be able to enroll. If you'd like the course to be free, you can select the "Free" option from the Pricing page.

Once you have pricing options set up, you must select a specific pricing option to display in the Pricing block on your page editor. You can choose to display multiple pricing options. Make sure to Update your changes.


For more information on working with the Pricing block and the page editor, please see this Knowledge Base article.

There is no option to apply a coupon code on my checkout page.

When you create a course coupon, there will be an Apply Coupon field on your checkout page where users can enter in the coupon code you created.


If your checkout page does not have the Add Coupon Code option, this means you have not created a coupon for that specific pricing plan. Each pricing plan has a unique checkout page. If you have multiple pricing options available for your course, you will need to either make the coupon for All Courses, or make multiple coupons for This Course Only that apply to each pricing option.


You should also check the expiration date of any coupons you have created. If a coupon has expired, you can edit the coupon’s expiration date by clicking the green edit icon.


My issue is not listed.

If your issue is not described above, you can search through the Knowledge Base for other topics related to your question.

You can also contact Teachable Customer Support directly.


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