Troubleshooting Course Issues

This article reviews issues a user might experience while taking a course and provides basic troubleshooting steps.

If your issue is not listed here and you still need assistance, we recommend contacting the school owner directly. 

I cannot move forward in my course progress.

If you are a user taking a course, you can mark your course progress as you complete each lecture.

Depending on the way the course was set up by the course creator, there might be course compliance settings in place that require you to complete lectures in order, watch videos before continuing, or complete lecture quizzes.

If you cannot move forward in your course progress, first ensure that you are clicking the Complete and Continue button at the top of the lecture to mark it as complete. Lectures will not be marked as complete if you click through the left-side curriculum menu before clicking Complete and Continue.

You should also make sure you have marked previous lectures complete. From the left-side curriculum menu, lectures marked with an open circle icon have not yet been marked as complete. You can click on the lecture title to return to that lecture and mark it as complete.


When a lecture section is marked with a clock icon, this means the section has not been released yet. You will need to wait until the section is released by the school owner before you’ll be able to view it.


If you cannot click the Complete and Continue button at the top of the lecture, you might need to watch the video content or complete the quiz within that lecture. You must watch 90% of the video within the lecture to be able to move on to the next lecture if course compliance is enabled.

If you are still not able to progress to the next lecture, try hard refreshing your browser, disabling any third-party browser extensions, and clearing your browser cache.

For more information on progressing through lectures, please see this Knowledge Base article.

The course videos are not loading.

Some courses include videos within lectures. If a video in a lecture is not loading or playing correctly, it could indicate issues with your browser, device, or connection.

If the video was directly uploaded to the lecture, you can lower the playback quality to improve loading speed by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the video player.


If video playback issues continue, we recommend trying to update your browser or view the videos in a different browser. Additionally, you can contact the school owner to see if there are any issues with the video upload itself.

I did not receive my course certificate.

Some courses include a course certificate that is issued once you complete the course.

If you did not receive a course certificate, confirm with the school owner if the course is intended to include a certificate or not. You can contact the school owner via the school contact form.

If the course is intended to include a certificate, make sure you have marked all lectures as complete.

Once all lectures have been marked as complete, you will receive an email notification with a link to view your certificate. You must be opted-in to receive this email.


If you do not receive the email notification, you can still download your certificate at any time by clicking the Certificate tab from your course view. The Download button is underneath the certificate image.


I purchased a course but cannot access it.

When you purchase a course, you will automatically receive a receipt to the email address you used for purchase. You might also receive an account confirmation email that requires you to confirm your email, depending on the school settings and whether or not you have purchased a course in the school before.

Once a purchase is successful and you have confirmed your email (if prompted to do so), you can log in to the school homepage to access your purchase. The original receipt email will contain a link to the purchased item.


If you only see the product sales page, prompting you to purchase again, it is possible that you need to login to see your purchase. Most sales pages will have a Login button in the top right corner that you can use to login to access the purchase.


If you do not see the course listed in your course directory, please clear your browser cache or open an incognito window before logging in again.

If the issue persists, you can contact the school owner to confirm your purchase. One common cause of not seeing a purchase in your account is purchasing the course with a misspelled email. When you contact the school owner, they can look for purchases under your name and help to enroll you in the course under your correct email or refund the purchase so you can re-purchase under the correct email.

My issue is not listed.

If your issue is not listed above, please contact your school owner directly. 

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