Vizia End of Life on Teachable

As of Feb 15, 2021, Teachable will no longer support adding Vizia content to Teachable schools. There will be no change to existing schools with Vizia videos, but customers will no longer have the ability to use Vizia to make new videos. Customers should update their Vizia content to a different option in the coming weeks. 

We recommend adding videos directly to Teachable by uploading the files to your lectures. The benefit of taking this step is that features such as enforced video watching and video engagement stats are available for videos uploaded to Teachable. These features are both available on the Professional and Business plans.

Depending upon your use of Vizia, you can replace the functionality by adding a quiz or embedded form to your lecture after uploading the original video. Learn more about taking these steps in these two articles from our Knowledge Base:

Add Lecture Content - Add Quizzes

Embed Forms and Other Content into Lectures

Lastly, if you want to search out another service to create interactive videos, be sure to use one that provides an embed code snippet for adding the video to your own site. If you need any help with an embed code snippet, the link shared above about embedding content into your lectures will be a useful guide.

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