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This article gives an overview of order bumps. It reviews what an order bump is and how to add order bump offers to your checkout page(s). To add upsells after purchase, check out our article about adding upsells on post-purchase pages and lessons.


An order bump is a way to add on an additional product on a checkout page at time of purchase. The order bump offer is presented directly on the checkout page, and with a single click, the customer can add the additional product onto their purchase.

Order bumps are used to sell complementary or add-on products to customers, and provide creators with an opportunity to increase their overall revenue per purchase.

On Teachable, you can add an order bump to any course, coaching, digital download, or bundle product checkout page. The order bump offer can be for any other course, coaching product, digital download or bundle in your school that has free, one-time or recurring payment options, including payment plans and subscriptions.

NOTE: At this time, courses offered for free cannot have order bumps because there is no checkout page for free products. An update to this experience is coming soon. However, order bumps can be offered for free on a checkout page for a product with a pricing plan.

Add an order bump

To add an order bump offer, navigate to the Upsell funnel tab of the product you would like to contain the order bump offer. Then, click the Create order bumps button. You can add up to three published order bumps. Multiple order bumps will display on the same checkout if they match the same pricing plan.

upsell funnel tab - order bump.png

This will open up a pop-up window where you will enter details about the order bump. In the pop-up window, you will be prompted to fill out the following fields:

Order bump product

  • Product - Using the tabs and drop down menu, select the name of the course, coaching, digital download, or bundle that you will be advertising as the add-on order bump offer.
  • Pricing plan - Select the name of the product pricing plan for the order bump.
  • Sales price - This field is optional. If you would like to offer your order bump at a discounted price from the original price, enter a sales price amount here. The sales price will only be available through the order bump directly. For pricing plans and subscriptions, this sale price will apply to all transactions.

Order bump content

  • Order bump headline - The headline, or first line, of the order bump offer.
  • Order bump description - A short description of the order bump offer, where you can describe the product being offered.

Pricing plan selection

  • If you would like to display all current or future pricing plans for the order bump, keep the checkbox selected. If not, uncheck the box.
  • If you uncheck the box, select the specific Pricing Plan you would like displayed on the checkout page using the drop down menu.

order bump popup.png

Once you have completed the information above, check to confirm if you would like to publish the order bump and Save. If not, uncheck the box and click Save.

The customer experience

When a customer selects a pricing option for a product that has a published order bump offer, they will see a section at the bottom of the checkout page with the order bump.

order bump checkout view.gif

If the customer clicks on the CTA to add the item to their purchase, the order bump will be added as a list item to the Order Summary section.

If a student has a coupon for the main product pricing plan, the coupon will only apply to the product. Coupons do not apply to an order bump. If you would like to offer a discount within an order bump, you can create a sales price when creating your order bump.

Once the customer clicks the purchase button at the bottom of the page, they will be enrolled into all products. The customer will receive separate receipt emails for the purchases (one for each product). However, they will only see one charge on their billing statement for their credit/debit card and/or PayPal account that reflects the total charge amount.

NOTE: If the customer has an existing account in your school and they are already enrolled in the product that is being offered as an order bump, they will not see the order bump section on the checkout page.

For more information on the checkout experience and customer receipts, please refer to the Purchase a Course and Student Receipts Knowledge Base articles.

Manage your order bumps

All order bumps you create for a product are listed in the Upsell funnels tab of that product.

order bump view in admin.png

You can update your order bump’s headline and description at any time by clicking the Edit button. Please note that pricing and product information cannot be changed after the order bump is created.

TIP: Within the order bump description, you can bold, italic, underline, indent, line break, hyperlink, bullet, and number list content using the rich text editor.

To see what your order bump looks like on the checkout page of the main product pricing plan, click the Preview icon to the right of the order bump details. The order bump will only be visible if it is published.

To delete an order bump, click the More Options icon; then click Delete. Please note that this action is permanent..

Transaction reporting & refunds

If a customer purchases an order bump, the order bump will be listed as an individual transaction in your Sales > Transactions menu. This means that you will see a transaction for both the main product purchase and the order bump purchase.

The Offer Type column of the Sales > Transactions menu includes the following categories:

  • Order bump - the transaction was for an order bump
  • Upsell - the transaction was for an upsell
  • Blank/empty - the transaction was for a main product

Additionally, you can add a Filter for Offer type to sort your transactions list by order bumps or upsells.


You can download a CSV report of all your transactions by clicking the Export CSV button in the top right corner of the Sales > Transactions page. This will send an email to the primary owner that contains a downloadable CSV file. In the report, there is an “offer type” column. If the column lists “order bump,” then the transaction was an order bump add-on purchase. If the column is blank, the transaction was a regular purchase.

To refund an order bump purchase, click into the specific transaction and click the Refund Transaction button. As order bumps are listed as separate transactions from the original purchase, you can choose to refund just the order bump, just the original main order purchase, or both. If you are refunding both, you will need to complete the process for each separate transaction. For more information on refunds, refer to the Student Refunds article.

If the main product or the order bump product have authors, the authors of each product will receive their set revenue share amount for those products.

If the customer purchased using a course affiliate link, the affiliate will receive commission for the main product purchase only. Affiliate fees do not apply for the order bump product.

Frequently asked questions

Who can add an order bump to a product in my school?

Primary owners and owners are able to access the Upsell funnel menu. Authors can access this menu if they have the “Let authors set course prices” setting enabled, and custom user roles can access if they have the “Create and manage products” setting enabled.

Can I hide a product so that it’s only available on an order bump?

Yes, you can keep a product “private” by managing product visibility within your admin. Learn more about managing product visibility.

Why am I not seeing options to add products to an order bump?

In order to add an order bump product to your checkout, a product must be available within your school. To learn more about creating a new product:

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