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This article explains Teachable’s Free plan, what is and is not included, how to plan for an upgrade to your plan, and frequently asked questions.


When you join Teachable, you’ll be asked to pick a plan that suits your business needs. The Free plan is an excellent choice for new customers just starting out. You can experiment with the platform and learn how Teachable works, build out your school, and then when you’re ready, launch your business publicly and start collecting students. Once your business grows, you can upgrade to a paid plan with lower fees and more features.

How the Free plan works

If you’re a new customer, creating a new account and school will place you on the Free plan. You can stay on the Free plan as long as you’d like, and you’ll have access to several great features.

If you’re an existing customer and you downgrade to the Free plan, you’ll lose features that aren’t in that plan. Check our plan comparison for more details to see what you might lose.

To join Teachable as a new customer on the Free plan, do the following:

  1. From click Get Started.
  2. You’ll be asked to create an account. Please use a valid email address and choose a password you’ll remember.
  3. Name your school.
  4. Answer the survey questions and click Next.
  5. Your school will be created and you’ll be in the Admin dashboard.

Benefits and limitations of the Free plan

You have access to several great features while on the free plan, but there are also some limitations, as outlined below:




Unlimited Students

Unlimited Products

  • Courses
  • Coaching
  • Bundles

Teachable Take

$1 + 10%

Admin Users


Email Support

Live Chat Support




Course Building Features

Course Design Templates

Basic Quizzes

Graded Quizzes




Bulk uploading lectures


Course Compliance




Course Reporting



Custom Domain


Custom Emails


CSS Snippets

Head Code Snippets


Unbranded Website


Selling Features





Email Lead Capture

Order Bumps

Upsells in Lectures


Flexible Pricing
- sell with multiple pricing plans
- sell in multiple currencies
- create subscriptions
- create payment plans

Sell memberships (combine subscription pricing with a product bundle)

PayPal payment support
(requires Teachable Payments or Monthly Payment Gateway + BackOffice)


Google Analytics




Facebook Pixel








Zapier Triggers


Zapier Actions


Tax Compliance

Teachable automatically handles:

  • US sales tax
  • EU value-added tax


To get the most out of your Teachable subscription, consider using the Free plan to launch your business and gain students. Then, when your business is up and running, move to a paid plan to gain more features and take your enterprise to the next level.

Benefits of upgrading/when to upgrade

When you’ve got a handle on the Teachable platform, successfully launched your school and gained students, it might be time to think about upgrading your plan. You might also realize that you’re missing some key features that could help you sell more before you launch. Or you might have successfully marketed your online business and realized that the Free plan no longer fits your needs. Whatever your reason, it’s easy to upgrade your plan when you’re ready.

By upgrading, you’ll gain access to multiple features including:

  • Multiple admin accounts
  • Drip content
  • Graded quizzes
  • Course compliance
  • Course completion certificates
  • Live Chat support
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Course coupons
  • Affiliates for your products
  • Upsells within lectures
  • Advanced reports
  • Custom user roles
  • Group coaching calls

Check out how to upgrade to a paid plan .


I’m on the trial, can I switch to the new Free plan?

Customers who had previously joined Teachable under the free trial will be automatically converted to the Free plan. There’s no need to take any action, and customers can stay on the Free plan as long as they like. See “ Benefits and limitations of the Free plan ” above for plan details.

How do I downgrade my paid plan to a free plan?

If you decide to take your business down a notch, you can downgrade at any time, just be aware you’ll lose certain features by doing so. When you downgrade, the app will show a dialog box that explains the features you’ll be losing. Read more about downgrading your paid plan.

How long can I stay on the Free plan?

As long as you like! There is no term limit to the Free plan.

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