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This article explains Teachable’s Free plan for school owners, limitations on the free plan, and frequently asked questions. For pricing your products for your students to purchase, learn about creating product pricing plans.


When you join Teachable, you’ll be asked to choose a plan that suits your business needs. The Free plan is an excellent choice for previewing Teachable’s core feature set as you grow your knowledge business with a best-in-class learning experience. As you grow, our paid plans offer advanced features to ensure you can scale your business with greater flexibility and ease.

How the Free plan works

If you’re a new customer, creating a new account and school will place you on the Free plan. You can stay on the Free plan as long as you’d like, and you’ll have access to several great features.

If you’re an existing customer and you downgrade to the Free plan, you’ll lose features that aren’t in that plan. Check our plan comparison for more details to see what you might lose.

To join Teachable as a new customer on the Free plan:

  1. Click Get Started on the Teachable homepage.
  2. Create an account. (Please use a valid email address and choose a password you’ll remember.)
  3. Name your school. You can change your school name at any time.
  4. Answer the survey questions and click Next.
  5. Your school will be created and you’ll be in the owner’s Admin dashboard.

Benefits and limitations of the Free plan

The Free plan offers a great way to learn about the platform and how it can best organize your content. Consider using the Free plan to launch your business and gain students. Then, when your business is up and running, move to a paid plan to gain more features and take your enterprise to the next level.

While on the Free plan, you will have access to a limited number of features, including:

  • Unlimited students - there is no cap for the number of students that can enroll in your course.
  • One published course - while you can create an unlimited number of courses, only one can be published at a time (unlimited on paid plans).
  • Upload 10 videos - upload up to 10 total videos in your course lectures across all courses (unlimited on paid plans).

For a full list of features available on the Free plan, check out our plan comparison guide.

Benefits of upgrading/when to upgrade

When you’ve got a handle on the Teachable platform, successfully launched your school and gained students, it might be time to think about upgrading your plan. You might also realize that you’re missing some key features that could help you sell more before you launch. Or you might have successfully marketed your online business and realized that the Free plan no longer fits your needs. Whatever your reason, it’s easy to upgrade your plan when you’re ready.

By upgrading, you’ll gain access to multiple features including:

Check out how to upgrade to a paid plan.


How do I downgrade my paid plan to a free plan?

If you decide to take your business down a notch, you can downgrade at any time, just be aware you’ll lose certain features by doing so. When you downgrade, the app will show a dialog box that explains the features you’ll be losing. Read more about downgrading your paid plan.

How long can I stay on the Free plan?

As long as you like! There is no term limit to the Free plan.

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