Content File Types

Within your Teachable school, you can upload a variety of file types directly to your school pages and products. There are a variety of supported file types, including video, audio, pdfs, and images.

NOTE: File extension types that fall under the MIME type “text" are not supported for upload. 


  • Recommended file type: .mp4, .mov, or .avi
  • Recommended resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080px)
  • Recommended frames per second (fps): 24-30
  • Recommended file size: Max file size 2GB
  • Audio specifications: none


  • Recommended file type: .png or .jpg
  • Recommended resolution: here


  • Recommended file type: .mp3
  • Recommended resolution: High Quality
  • Audio specifications: AAC audio (advanced users) 


  • Recommended file type: .pdf (non-fillable)
  • Recommended size: 256MB or less


Other file types that are not recommended by Teachable can be uploaded, however, they cannot be embedded into a lecture—instead, they’ll appear in your lecture as a downloadable file. To avoid confusion, ensure that your students have the applications necessary for opening the file. For example, in order for a student to open a Word document, they'll need to have Microsoft Word on their device.

Alternatively, if you wish to embed a file type that isn't recommended (e.g. Powerpoint), it may be possible to embed the content using a custom html block on school pages, or the custom code block within course lecture pages.


For recommendations on uploading content not supported by Teachable, learn more about embedding content from third-party applications.

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