Custom Subdomains

If you have your own domain, and would like to use the same domain to point to your Teachable school, you'll have to create a subdomain. A subdomain is a second website that has its own unique content, but the same root domain. For example, if you already have a website at "", you could create a subdomain (i.e. that points to your Teachable school. This article goes over how to add a custom domain using a subdomain to your Teachable school.

Domain Registrar Specific Guides

The process for setting up a subdomain may look different depending on your domain registrar. For more specific instructions, take a look at these registrar specific guides:

Adding a Subdomain To Your Teachable School

While the look may differ based on your domain registar, adding a subdomain to your Teachable school usually requires the following steps.

  1. Log in to your domain registrar.
  2. Find the DNS records for the domain you would like to add a subdomain to.
  3. Create a CNAME record that points your desired subdomain to your Teachable URL. The following screenshot from GoDaddy serves as an example of how it may look on your domain registrar.
  4. Log in to your Teachable school and navigated to the Domains page
  5. Add your new URL (with the subdomain) to your Teachable school.
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