School and Course Enrollment

On Teachable, schools and courses are separate entities. A Teachable school is the overall site through which an owner can offer individual courses--for example, a college is the institution and classes are offered through it. And just like there’s a difference between applying for college and registering for classes, there’s a difference between enrolling in a Teachable school and signing up for a course on that school.

School Enrollments

If you go to the front page of your school and preview it as a logged-out user would see it, you will find a default button that allows students to enroll in your school. Depending on how you have designed your front page, it may look something like this (and a similar signup button will appear in the header):

enroll in school

Students who click this button will not be enrolled in any courses until they choose to do so, but having an account on your school makes it very easy to sign up for courses.

NOTE: Your school must be on a paid plan for students to begin enrollment.

You can customize your homepage enroll button text by going to your homepage block editor (Site > Pages > Home), finding the Homepage Hero Header block, typing new text into the box, and saving the page.

edit homepage hero header

Course Enrollments

Rather than enrolling in your school first and then enrolling in a course, users typically start out by enrolling in a course—at which time they automatically create an account for your school as part of the process.

The reason this flow is more common is that new students often discover your course sales page first—as part of a marketing effort or shared by a friend—before they discover your wider school.

See an example course sales page with a course enrollment button below:

enroll in course

This option is also simpler because they only have to click one enroll button, instead of enrolling in the school and then enrolling in a course.

What If Someone Enrolls in My School But Not A Course?

It can be baffling when someone signs up for your school, but then doesn't make any course purchases. This can happen for a number of reasons. The most likely: they're confused, or they're interested but not ready to spend money yet.

The former case is most likely if your school only has one course on it. This may confuse students who intend to enroll in the course, but end up clicking the school enrollment button instead, thinking that they do the same thing. To avoid this scenario, you may want to change your school’s homepage so that it points to your course sales page.

However, in the latter case, school-only enrollments can be useful because they allow you to develop an email list of users who are interested in your school and already have accounts. This means you can market specifically to those people, sending them reminder emails or special deals to encourage them to purchase.

Removing the School Enrollment Option

Some owners, whether they have a single course or multiple ones, choose to remove the school enrollment button from their site entirely, so that users must go to the actual course they want to enroll in.

The main enroll button on your homepage can be removed with a toggle in the Homepage Hero Header block found within your homepage block editor (Site > Pages > Home). Simply toggle Show Button to the off position to remove it. Make sure to save the page when you're done!

disable enroll button

If you wish to remove the Sign Up button in your header as well, navigate to Site > Navigation, scroll to Navigation Bar, and toggle the sign up link to be invisible:


Close Course Enrollment

You may wish to cap the number of students in a course or prevent students from enrolling after a certain period of time. To close enrollment for a course, you can delete all pricing plans associated with your course in the Pricing section fo your course admin.

If there are no pricing plans associated with the course, then your course sales page will show that the course is closed for enrollment:


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