Image Size Guide

Teachable pages are designed to be responsive, meaning that your uploaded content will automatically adjust to best fit on different screen sizes.

NOTE: These sizes are recommendations. Please use the highest quality image with the equivalent aspect ratio.


From your Site > Theme menu, you can upload images for your school logo, school favicon, and school thumbnail. Learn more about school theme images.


250 x 60px (.jpg or .png)
School Thumbnail 960 x 540px (.jpg or .png)
Favicon 32 x 32px (.jpg or .png)

Page editor

From your Site > Pages menu, you can modify both school and product pages using the page editor. Learn more about blocks on the page editor

Banner block

1500 x 800px or 1800 x 600px (.jpg or .png)
Image with Text block 750 x 500px (.jpg or .png)
Text with Image Grid block 300 x 300px (.jpg or .png)
Image block 1200 x 800px (landscape) (.jpg or .png)
1200 x 1600px (portrait) (.jpg or .png)


From your Products tab menu, you can choose your specific product (e.g. course, coaching, or bundle product) and navigate to the Information tab to update the thumbnail used to represent that specific product. Learn more about managing your course, coaching, or bundle product thumbnails. 

Product Thumbnail Aspect ratio: 16:9
1024 x 576px (.jpg or .png)

Other images

Other images, like the author bio image, can be added within your Site > Bios menu. Learn more about managing author bios

Author Bio 250 x 250 px (.jpg or .png)
Video thumbnail Aspect ratio: 16:9
1280 x 720 (.jpg or .png)


For recommendations on uploading content not supported by Teachable, learn more about embedding content from third-party applications.

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