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This article gives a brief overview of the Zoom app and how to set up the integration for your courses. To connect with other streaming services, check out our article on adding a webinar

CAUTION: Third-party tools exist outside the scope of Teachable Support. This means that we cannot assist with maintenance, customization, or troubleshooting within the tool itself. Moreover, with any changes made within the tool, we cannot ensure its functionality or full compatibility with current or future versions of Teachable.


Zoom is a third-party tool that provides live, interactive learning to your students. With this integration, you will have access to a Zoom block under a new Apps section in your curriculum editor. This app combines the power of Teachable's course creation and management platform with Zoom's world-class video conferencing and collaboration capabilities.

Features include:

  • Seamless Scheduling: Effortlessly schedule and manage Zoom meetings directly within your Teachable course. No more navigating between platforms or struggling with complex integrations.
  • Automated Access: Grant your enrolled students instant access to Zoom meetings and live sessions. It's as simple as a click, and all without leaving your Teachable dashboard.
  • Enhanced Security: Ensure your online classes are secure with Zoom's robust security features, including password protection, waiting rooms, and end-to-end encryption.
  • Recording and Replays: Automatically record your Zoom sessions, making it a breeze to share replays with your students. They won't miss a thing!

Install the app

To install the Zoom app you can follow these steps. 

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Apps page of your school admin. Click the Zoom icon to be redirected to the details page.
  2. On the Zoom app details page, click the Install button in the top right corner of the page. You will be redirected to a Zoom login page.

    install zoom app.png

  3. Login to your Zoom account to continue the install process. Please note this account will be used to create all Zoom events on Teachable via this app. 
  4. Allow Teachable to access your Zoom account by clicking the Allow button to continue.

    allow teachable permission with zoom.png

  5. With the Zoom app installed, you can add the new Zoom content block in your lesson editor.

Add Zoom to your course

With the Zoom app installed, a new block will be available within the lesson editor of your courses. You can add a Zoom block to any lesson.

To add Zoom to a lesson:

  1. Navigate to a new or existing lesson within your course curriculum.
  2. Click the Add content button and scroll down to Apps. Click the Zoom block.
  3. There are multiple fields to customize for your Zoom event.
    1. Title: This is the name of your Zoom event as it appears to your students.
    2. Description: This is an optional field allowing you to provide details about the Zoom event.
    3. Image: This is an optional field to add an image within your lesson content.
    4. Date: This is the date of your event.
    5. Time: This is the time of your event. Please note that you can start your event before this time but this time is displayed for students.
    6. Timezone: The displayed timezone associated with your event.Duration: Expected length of the event.
  4. Click Save when finished.

    add zoom block to lesson.gif

You can preview the block at any time by clicking the Preview button in the top right corner of your lesson editor.

To delete a Zoom event, click the three dot icon next to the block and click Delete

Manage Zoom settings

Within the Zoom block, you can manage your settings, including:

  • Record the session automatically: When selected, the session will be recorded to the cloud and stored within your Zoom account. Access to this feature is based on your plan level with Zoom.
  • Show recording link post-event: This replaces the join session button with a prompt to view the recording after a session has ended.
    TIP: If you would like to make replays part of your course compliance, download your recorded session from Zoom and upload the recording via the Video block. 
  • Enable Waiting Room: When enabled, the Zoom admin of the session will need to manually admit each participant to join the session.
  • Meeting Password: This is an optional field for you to manually enter a custom password. If left blank, Zoom will automatically populate this and adhere to the Join session url. (This is automatically set by Zoom for different plan levels. See more.)

zoom block settings.png

NOTE: Make sure “Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting” is not enabled in your Zoom account settings. Students will not be able to access your meetings if this is selected.

Start a Zoom meeting

When you are ready to start your Zoom event in your course, you can click the Start meeting button within your Teachable dashboard. When you click the Start meeting button, your connected Zoom account will automatically open to start the session. Otherwise, you can start the session directly in your Zoom account. 

zoom start meeting in admin.png

Student experience

When a student views a lesson where a Zoom event has been listed, they will see the event details, including the date and time. A Join Meeting button is displayed for students to join the Zoom event directly on the scheduled day and time.

If you have also set up the replay option in the setting of your Zoom block, a Watch recording button will replace the Join Meeting button. After the event has ended, students will be able to replay the recording at any time.

Zoom - student view.png

Uninstall the App

To install Zoom:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Apps page of your school admin. Click the Zoom icon to be redirected to the details page.
  2. On the Zoom details page, click the Uninstall button in the top right corner of the page. A popup modal will appear.
  3. On the popup modal, click Uninstall to confirm. Once uninstalled any curriculum builder blocks that were previously added will be removed.

zoom uninstall app in admin.png

Please note that any paid plans with Zoom will not be canceled by uninstalling from Teachable. Navigate to your Zoom account to make any changes to your paid Zoom plan.  


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