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This article goes over how to add subtitles or captions to your uploaded videos. Additionally, add subtitles in multiple languages to your video content. 


Auto-generated and uploaded subtitles are only available for course products. Limit of 10 language translations within a video.

Adding subtitles or captions to a video can offer additional accessibility and engagement to your content. For schools on the Basic plan and up, you can automatically generate subtitles and translations in up to 70 languages, or manually add .srt or .vtt files to uploaded video content.

Auto-generate and translate subtitles

For schools on paid plans only.

For an individual lesson video

  1. From your lesson video block, click the Settings icon (gear icon) and scroll to Add subtitles section.
  2. In the Choose subtitles source drop down menu, select Auto-generate.
  3. Select the Audio language from the drop down menu. Click Generate
    This may take several minutes to generate depending on the size of your video file. Make sure to choose the audio language spoken in the video.
  4. Once the subtitles have been generated, your students will have immediate access to them on your videos.
  5. To also translate your subtitles, click the Translate icon next to the generated subtitles and use the drop down menu to select additional languages. 

    Auto generate subtitles.png

For an entire course

  1. From your course's Information tab, toggle to the Video settings section.
  2. Use the first drop down menu to choose the language your videos are in for auto-generation.
  3. Optionally, select the additional language you would like your subtitles to be auto-translated from the second drop down menu
  4. Click Save subtitle settings
  5. Repeat to add any additional language available in the drop down menu. Click Save in the top corner when done.

    course subtitle settings.png

Add subtitles manually

Schools on the Free and Basic plan can only upload one file per video, while schools on the Pro plan and up can upload multiple files.

If you would prefer to manually add subtitles, you can upload your .srt or .vtt file to your videos individually. This type of file contains video subtitle information like the start and end timecodes of text and the sequential number of subtitles.

To manually upload a subtitle file to a course video:

  1. From your lesson video block, click the Settings icon (gear icon) and scroll to Add subtitles section.
  2. In the Choose subtitles source drop down menu, select Upload .srt or .vtt.
  3. Select the Language of file from the drop down menu. Click Upload subtitle.
  4. A popup will appear to upload your file. 

    lesson subtitles manual files.png

Delete video subtitles

Please note that deleting a subtitle file is permanent and cannot be undone.
  1. Within the lesson's video block, select the Setting icon (gear icon).
  2. Under My subtitles, click the three dot icon next to the subtitle language.
  3. Click Remove.

    delete subtitles.png

Frequently asked questions

Can I automatically generate subtitles for other videos in my school?

At this time, auto-generating and manually uploading subtitles is only available in course products. For videos on other pages, like sales and coaching, we recommend adding subtitles to your videos using a video editor prior to uploading. 

Why am I getting an error when trying to manually add subtitles?

Errors often occur when the file is formatted incorrectly. It is important that the file is saved as either an .srt or .vtt file before uploading. Additionally, please follow the Subtitle Formatting Guide to ensure files upload and display correctly.

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