Course Sales Page (Page Editor 1.0)

This article goes over how to edit the sales page for a course or link to an external sales page.

CAUTION: Sales Page V1 is no longer supported. You can create a new sales page using page editor 2.0 for your products.


Sales page are built using pre-made page blocks or custom code. In most cases, the sales page is what will convince people to buy your course.  sales-page-example.gif

TIP: To modify the title and subtitle that appears in the Course Hero Header block, change the Course Title and Course Subtitle in the Information section of your course admin.

To edit the sales page of your course, navigate to the Pages section of your course admin and click the Edit icon next to a sales page to open the page editor.


To save your updates and make them live on the sales page, click Save. To remove all of your customizations and revert the page back to its default settings, click Reset. To see view your sales page as a visitor, click Preview.admin-course-pages-sales-reset-preview-save.png

Page Blocks on the Sales Page

The sales page can be customized using pre-made “building blocks” called page blocks. To add a new block, hover your cursor between existing blocks until the Insert new block button appears. Click the Insert new block button and select a block. The block will then be inserted in between the existing blocks.admin-course-sales-page-add-blocks.gif

Once you’ve added blocks to your page, you can rearrange them by clicking and dragging individual blocks above or below existing blocks:admin-course-sales-page-rearrange-blocks.gif

To delete a block, click the red trash icon on the right-hand side of a block. A notification box will appear. Click OK to confirm.

CAUTION: For a course with multiple pricing plans, removing the Primary Enroll Button block from a sales page will also disable the enroll button located in the Course Hero Header block. This effectively disables all enroll buttons on your sales page, thus preventing students from being able to enroll in your course.


The following page blocks are available on the sales page:

Refer to Page Blocks to learn more about each type of page block.

Sales Page Settings

At the bottom of the page editor, you can modify the following settings for each school page:

  • Blank Template - When toggled on, all school template code is removed from the page. With a blank template, users can choose to build their sales page entirely with their own Liquid/HTML.
  • Show Navigation Bar - When toggled on, the navigation bar will appear on the page:sales-page-no-colored-nav-bar.png
  • Colored Navigation Bar - When toggled on, a colored navigation bar will display on the page, instead of a transparent navigation bar. The color of the navigation bar is determined by the palette set in Site > Theme.sales-page-colored-nav-bar.png
  • Show Footer - When toggled on, the standard school footer will display on the page:sales-page-footer.gif

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