Course Reporting Tools

This article goes over how to access and understand the various course reports that Teachable provides to school owners.


On the Professional plan and up, school owners (or custom users) can access course reporting tools. Course reports provide more detailed information about students’ lecture completion rates and quiz scores. In addition to this, course reports allow you to view more information about video performance, including video stats and video engagement.

Finding Reports

To locate your course reports, select the desired course from the admin sidebar (or click View All if you don’t see the course immediately. Click Reports

Understanding Reports

There are five different types of course reports: Lecture Completion, Video Stats, Quiz Scores, Leaderboards, and Video Engagement.

Lecture Completion

The Student Breakdown section shows student progress by displaying the average completion rate for the course.

student breakdown report

The Percentage Breakdown section details the number of students at each completion threshold.

percentage breakdown report

NOTE: A lecture is only considered complete if a student clicks Complete and Continue.

You can export the Lecture Completion report by clicking the Export CSV button:admin-course-reports-lecture-completion-report-export-csv.png

Video Stats

The Video Stats report lets you see how each individual video is performing. This report will only display information about videos that have been uploaded directly to Teachable using the file uploader. Any videos that have been embedded using an embed code and a code block will not be included in the Video Stats report.


  • Engagement - The percentage of the video is watched on average.
  • Play Rate - The percentage of people who see the video click on it.
  • Visitors - The total number of visitors to the video.
  • Plays - The total number of video plays.
  • Loads - The total number of video loads.

TIP: If you notice low engagement on a particular video as compared to others, it may need to be portioned into two smaller videos or reworked altogether.

Quiz Scores

The Quiz Scores report displays records of student performance on quizzes.


  • Average Score - The average of scores achieved by all students who completed the quiz.
  • Min Score - The lowest score achieved out of all of the students who completed the quiz.
  • Max Score - The highest score achieved out of all of the students who completed the quiz.
  • Total Completed - The number of students who completed the quiz.


The Leaderboards report displays a list of the course’s students, organized by progress level.


  • Rank - The user’s rank compared to other students in the course.
  • Name - The user’s name.
  • Progress - The percentage of the user’s course completion.
  • Enrolled - The approximate amount of time the user has been enrolled in the course. 

To access the user's profile click on the profile icon. To email the user directly, click on the email icon:


You can also export the Leaderboards report by clicking on the Export CSV button:admin-course-reports-leaderboards-export-csv.png

Video Engagement

The Video Engagement report gives you information about the overall video performance for the course.

video engagement

  • Total Hours Watched - The cumulative hours of video watched by course students.
  • Average Engagement - The percentage of the videos students actually watch on average.
  • Total Loads -The total number of video loads for all course videos.
  • Total Visitors - The total number of visitors to all course videos.
  • Total Plays - The total number of video plays for all course videos.
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